Learn How To Gain Abdominal Muscles While You Lose That Stomach Fat

There is a mistaken belief going around, which isn’t based in any sort of scientific study, that if you work out the muscles around unwanted fat, the fat will disappear. The reality is that working out muscles in a specific area does nothing more in that area than build those muscles. Building muscles in an area can make it look leaner, but it won’t get rid of the fat. The reality is that you have to burn fat off in whatever order your genetic disposition burns off fat. For most of us, the stomach isn’t the first place where we lose fat. The good news is that if you go about burning fat, it will eventually help you lose the stomach fat – guaranteed!

The reason this is important is the abdominal muscles are really rather small muscles that are not intended to be large or perform major tasks. Thus, when you work them out, no matter how painful it is, you don’t burn as many calories as you burn when you work out major muscle groups such as your legs, arms, and buttocks. Thus, a total body workout will help you replace your belly fat with abdominal muscles much faster than an abdominal workout.

So, next we need to get down to some practical ways you can burn calories really fast using these larger muscles. A good rule of thumb is that compound exercises, those that work out several muscle groups at once, burn more calories than simple muscle exercises. Some samples of popular workouts you will find machines for at the local gym that will burn calories very quickly are mountain climbers, dead lifts, clean and press, squats, and lunges.

The next thing to realize is that your digestive tract can gather in processed foods calories much faster than you could ever burn the calories with exercise. So you have to work on cutting down on processed foods in favor of high fiber foods such as vegetables and fruits. Don’t juice your fruits and veggies or you will find yourself eating too much.

Finally, we did sort of infer in the title that we would show off your abdominal muscles after you lose your belly fat. Of course, to make abdominal muscles appear as the fat disappears, you will have to work out your abdominal muscles. However, there is no point in doing this until your belly fat is getting low enough for muscles to peak through. To build up your abdominal muscles you can add in planks, bicycle crunches, and spiderman pushups at your gym as you get close to your belly fat goals.

How to Lose Inches From Your Stomach

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few great ways to lose inches only from your stomach area. It would be great if you could do a few hundred crunches and have a killer six-pack, but that’s not how it works. In reality, in order to lose inches from your stomach, you have to work your entire body.

Your body is like a machine, except it uses food as its energy source instead of gasoline. Whenever you eat food, picture the calories entering your body, and focus on burning those calories in order to melt those pesky inches from your waistline. Just like a machine, the more finely tuned it is, the better it becomes at burning those calories. If you exercise on a regular basis, you create more muscle, which in turn, helps you to burn more calories, even if you’re doing nothing besides sitting in an office chair or curled up in your bed.

In order to create the appearance of losing inches from your stomach, you can target that area using resistance training. This will help in two ways.

1) You will burn calories, thus losing inches of body fat throughout your entire body, including your stomach.

2) You will build bigger stronger stomach muscles, which can be more easily seen through the layer of fat that covers them.

On top of regular exercise, the biggest secret to losing inches from your stomach is your diet. Portion size is extremely important when trying to lose inches from your stomach, or anywhere else for that matter. Most people eat too much at each meal, more because they enjoy the food, than because they actually need it. You should eat 5-6 small meals per day, instead of gorging yourself on fewer large meals.

Finally, make sure you eat healthy foods. Replace those chips and chocolate bars with nutritious fruits and nuts, and blast those inches from your stomach! Avoid saturated fats, white sugar and white flour. Instead, replace them with fish, chicken, honey, whole wheat and multi grains.

By supplementing bad food choices with good, incorporating a regular exercise regiment and eating smaller, more regular portion sizes, you’re sure to melt those inches from your stomach and feel better about yourself in the process. All it takes is determination and know how, and you’re well on your way to a trimmer, healthier you.

How to Lose Weight From My Stomach and Thighs?

There are several foods that Asian women eat when they want to specifically lose weight from their stomach and thighs. You can find these foods at most local health food stores, or any Asian markets you may have nearby. They each supercharge your metabolism and work wonders in getting you the body you want most:

1. Kanten –This gelatin is amazing in its ability to keep people from overeating throughout the entire day. It has a natural appetite lowering effect in the body, and it’s extremely filling. It’s taste is rather bland, which is a good thing because you won’t hate it and it won’t smell up the house haha!

For my clients I tend to recommend Kanten be eaten right before the bigger meals of the day (typically lunch and dinner) because it will keep you from over eating junk calories.

2. Shirataki –Think that all noodles are carbohydrates that need to be avoided to lose stomach fat? Guess again, because Shiritaki noodles are made up entire of healthy fiber and are low carb!

These noodles can be used for many health benefits as well as weight loss, including reducing some types of cancer, as well as of course lowering the risk of heart disease. Eat them as a main meal along with chicken, lean meat, or tofu, and your waist will reduce in size quickly.

3. Brown Rice –This is an easy one, as brown rice is MUCH more preferable over its dangerous and insulin-raising cousin white rice. Since brown rice is more fibrous, it doesn’t impact our sugar levels as white rice does, which means that even if you were to eat 300 calories of both white and brown rice, the white rice would actually cause you to not lose weight while the brown rice does.

The reason brown rice works is because of how much harder it is for the body to process. Anything that makes the body work a little harder is a good thing for diet reasons, because the body burns more calories to accomplish the digesting process.

Try to replace as much of your normal diet as you can with these three ingredients, you’ll see the benefits quickly.

Another Tip that Works

Everyone I talk with these days is sick of the latest diet programs, where you’re either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts to drop weight.

The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

If you’re looking for the best way to lose stomach fat fast, you’re going to want to read this article. It describes the most effective and efficient way to get rid of that ugly belly fat, get a flat stomach, and create the fit, sexy body you want. Ready? Here we go…

The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat Fast: 4 Proven Steps

1. Focus On Your Goal

Create a clear goal and focus on it at all times. That’s the secret to losing stomach fat — or achieving any major fitness goal — in the fastest way possible. For best results write down your goal on an index card and carry it with you. Read it several times a day. Focus on it constantly. Spend some time each day visualizing how great you’ll look when you’ve gotten rid of your stomach fat.

2. Boost Energy, Lower Stress

Science has shown that stress actually increase abdominal fat. It also zaps your energy, which is something you’ll need to burn fat and lose pounds quickly. You can boost your energy and lower stress at the same time by doing the following:

— Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
— Drink about 70 ounces of water each day
— Avoid negative messages and stressful people
— Do some exercise each morning
— Avoid alcohol, drugs, and large doses of caffeine and other stimulants

3. Eat a Clean Diet

Diet is 75% of the weight loss solution. The best diet for losing stomach fat fast is one based around lean meats and other lean proteins, fish, eggs, vegetables and raw fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and healthy fats (e.g. virgin olive oil). Avoid processed foods — especially those belly fat-boosting simple sugars, trans fats, and refined flours — as much as possible. Try to eat 4-6 times a day and focus on small, balanced, protein-rich meals and snacks.

4. Do Interval Exercise

Interval-based exercise is almost definitely the best exercise for losing stomach fat. Short, intense workouts based around intervals burn tons of calories, force your body to use fat for energy, and also stimulate production of powerful natural hormones that burn belly fat while sparing lean muscle tissue. For optimal results do both strength training and HIIT-style cardio exercise several times per week.

Want to learn more about the best way to lose stomach fat and create a fit, lean body fast? Then visit the link below…


Best Exercises to Lose Stomach Fat

There have been countless stories of people who thought their body fat was absolutely horrendous and “incurable”. Through a little belief, hardwork, and diet consistency – they were able to gradually lose weight in a healthy way. There are many things that you can do to get rid of the body fat, many exercises, and many diet adjustments. Just be sure that you don’t get too down on yourself if you do not see immediate result. You will eventually lose weight!

How to Get Rid of Stomach Fat
First of all, your body is designed to lose weight all together – not just in one place. How would it feel if a person had big arms, big legs, and a small stomach. Everything is supposed to be approached evenly. Therefore, if you want to lose stomach fat, then you should aim to lose fat period.

Your body has percentage of fat which is stored everywhere in your body. The more cardio work, anaerobic exercises, and metabolism techniques that you perform – the better your results will be. Be sure to follow the best diet and exercises suited for you.

Aerobic and Anaerobic – The Ways to Lose Weight
First off, if you want to lose stomach fat, you have to make a choice – do you want to do Aerobic or Anaerobic exercises? Anaerobic exercise are great if you want to lose weight because it tends to “shock” the body into losing weight. You body will quickly adapt to the fierce lifestyle your are putting it through.

Try doing explosive activities. They may be harsh, hard, and seemingly impossible – but they will make all the other exercises including aerobic exercises a simple breeze. You will also have a easier time stimulating your metabolism.

Remember, Anaerobic exercises means performing “exercises without air”. That means that you have to do exercises that do not give your muscles a chance to recover while you are doing the exercise. Aerobics give you time to constantly recover – however, anaerobic forces you to get extremely tired, then stop, and start again. Your muscles will adapt and you will lose TONS OF WEIGHT!

Some anaerobic exercises is sprinting on the track (stretch well to avoid pulling muscles), basketball, football, and other sports activities that require fierce bursts of energy.

Cardio Exercises
You may also want to try performing cardio exercises – such as running, skiing, cross country, rock climbing, rowing, walking, and even playing handball or racketball. Cardio is a great way to get your weight down as well.

Avoid doing too many sit-ups. I have seen the biggest people do sit-ups, and they remain big because they do not do any other exercises. Be sure to balance everything out and achieve ultimate success!

Food Types to Lose Stomach Fat

The right nutrients can help you to lose stomach fat for good and you can see the difference in the first week.

When thinking of getting rid of stomach fat it quickly comes to mind the terrible abdominal exercises. However, a good diet can also make a huge difference. Some celebrities use flaxseed. Rich in fiber, this cereal helps you to lose stomach fat and weight in general by increasing satiety and stimulating the bowels.

The accumulation of fat in the stomach area has several causes – physical inactivity, bad diet, genetic inheritance, psychological disorders and diseases such as hypothyroidism or constipation. The secret of a smaller waist is combining macronutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fat) with adequate intake of micronutrients (anything that is not macronutrient), in addition to regular exercise.

To lose stomach fat and get the tummy of your dreams, you will find here exactly what you have to eat and also when and how. It is vital to have small and varied meals throughout the day, avoiding the bad habit of snacking on caloric junk, especially simple carbohydrates. It is a complete nonsense to spend hours and hours without eating and during a single meal devour everything as if there will be no tomorrow. The ideal is to eat every four hours and adopt a balanced diet with aerobic exercise and healthy habits. This will enable you to lose up to 4cm in waist circumference over a month.


Check if the circumference of your stomach is above average – if so, it means you are more likely to develop diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and obesity. For women, it is acceptable up to 88cm and for men 106cm. Anything above that and you are really in trouble so you should lose stomach fat urgently.

You must know how to choose the sources of fat, carbohydrate and protein. It is the quality of nutrients that help in the process of fat loss around the stomach area. Therefore, it is so important to eat the right food:

• Rich in vitamin C: blackcurrant, lemon, cherry, strawberry, orange, raw sweet pepper, mango, pineapple

• Rich in beta carotene: carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, papaya, mango, star fruit, nectarine, peach, kale, chicory

• Rich in vitamin B2: greens color dark green (spinach, arugula, watercress, endive, escarole, chard), milk, lean meats (chicken), whole grains (oats, wheat, rye, rice, oatmeal, flaxseed, buckwheat)

• Rich in vitamin D: oily fish, liver, tuna, herring, Mackerel

• Rich in catechins, bioflavonoids, polyphenols and antioxidants: green and white teas, which accelerate the metabolism, stimulate fat burning and acts as a diuretic

• Rich in protein, minerals and vitamins A and D: white cheese (cottage and ricotta), which are an important source of protein and work on the formation and repair of tissues

• Rich in nutrients for rapid assimilation: fruit juices with vegetables that require little effort digestive. For it to work properly eat them first thing in the morning.

• Rich in fiber: fruit and vegetables in general, which are sources of vitamins and minerals

• White meat (chicken and fish): sources of protein with lower saturated fat, and some fish such as salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel are sources of omega 3 that helps increasing HDL (good cholesterol), preventing strokes.

Important Tips To Lose Stomach Fat:

• Before lunch eat a salad plate. This helps give a feeling of satiety – you will eat less and lose stomach fat quicker

• Reduce fat, salt and sugar

• Replace industrialized ready made spices for natural herbs such as oregano, basil, parsley, coriander, onion, garlic, cinnamon, mustard, chilli, pepper and ginger extract. They don’t contain sodium, which is very good as it retains liquid.

• Replace soft and fizzy drinks to green and white teas. But avoid drinking during meals. This is very important tip to follow to lose stomach fat quicker.

• Read meat: Once a week maximum. Chicken and fish must be your choice for meat.

• Replace sausages, pepperoni, salami and chorizo for smoked turkey breast or Chester. But eat in moderation as they are a bit salty causing water retention.

• Food rich in fiber (whole grains, wheat and oat bran, flaxseed and rye flour, whole wheat bread, nuts and cake) minimize constipation. Just do not forget to increase water consumption. Otherwise the laxative effect of fiber becomes constipation causing the impression of excess abdominal fat.

• Avoid alcoholic drinks or just take it once a week because their high glycemic index won’t help you to lose stomach fat.

• To combat the sedentary lifestyle, exercise more walking and cycling can be fun and a good start.

What’s the Easiest Way to Lose Stomach Fat?

People lose fat in so many ways that there simply is not a “One size fits all” solution as there simply is no quick fix way to losing fat. Also you must remember that a woman losing stomach fat differs somewhat when men are trying to lose it too. What works for female’s does not necessarily work for males. There are however easier ways than others in losing stomach fat.

Sit ups as an exercise are all well and good but despite many myths to the contrary you will not lose stomach fat by this method. Yes, your stomach muscles and abs will become bigger and stronger but you will not lose stomach fat. The only ingredient required for losing stomach fat is your diet.

This however does not mean you should ignore any exercise as this will help you achieve your goal quicker than just a diet alone.

Many people assume that a dramatic lifestyle change in eating habits in particular will make the stomach fat dissolve when the solution is actually far more simple in fact. The more people change their lives dramatically the more susceptible they are to regaining the weight what they have lost when they get back to their usual and normal eating habits.

The secret is to eat healthily and exercise in moderation.

The same formula can be applied to exercising as to dieting too.

Many people assume that exercising every day will help get rid of their excess stomach fat and weight as a whole but in my experience of seeing what it actually does to people is that the method of say exercising for 2 hours every day, after a short time people become bored with it. This is why most people do not carry on because let’s be bluntly honest here exercise is boring, especially if you exercise on your own. How many people join a local gym straight after Christmas with the “new year resolution” promise, only to drop out at the end of January? You must have known people like that.

Your exercise and diet should be around 30 minutes per day be it cardiology exercise (running,cycling,swimming) and weights, personally I prefer one day of one and the next day of the other. Combined with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and grains and the occasional take-away meal. This will be a more healthy life style for you and prevent you becoming bored. In my opinion this is the easiest way to lose stomach fat.

Best Weight Loss Program For Women – Lose Stubborn Stomach Fat Fast

Here’s one of the best weight loss programs for women. It’ll allow you to lose stubborn stomach fat fast… without having to suffer through hours of cardio and extreme diets.

Best Weight Loss Program For Women

1. The exercise part – do some incline walking

To lose weight as efficiently as possible, you’re going to need to combine exercise and diet efforts. One without the other mostly gives sub-par and temporary results.

For exercise, do some simple walking. But make 1 change. Make sure you’re walking up an incline. Since most people don’t have a hill nearby, a treadmill that inclines is what you’ll need to use.

My suggestion… just incline it slightly. Ten to fifteen degrees. Nothing too steep. Then… just walk for 20-25 minutes. Before you start saying inside your head that “it’s just walking”… well, try it once and there’ll be nothing more to say.

You’ll realize how great it is for fat loss after doing it just once. So try it and see how you’ll lose stubborn stomach fat fast.

2. The diet part – protein shakes and apples

Obviously there are 2 parts. Notice I don’t even touch on your meals… the protein shakes are more mini-meals or snacks. Working with thousands of women has shown me that I need to start with snacks first.

And protein shakes and apples fit the bill.

All I want you to do is alternate between eating an apple and drinking a protein shake that has 20-30 grams of protein in it. And of course, eat your normal meals.

Now, to be clear… if you eat healthier you’ll get better results. But I’m allowing you to eat you regular foods so you don’t feel like you’re suffering. The apples and protein shakes will take care of how much you eat during those meals. It’ll be less. Smile. That’s exactly what we want.

This is a good “starter plan”. I consider it the best weight loss program for women who are transitioning to a more healthy diet.

Belly Fat Diet – Don’t Eat These Foods to Lose Stomach Fat

There is a lot of hype about eating certain foods to lose weight. Much of this hype is often unsubstantiated by science. However, when it comes to losing stomach fat, there is plenty of research that shows that certain foods can indeed help you lose belly fat. There is also scientific evidence that shows that some foods may actually increase belly fat. Therefore, if you want to lose stomach fat it is important to have an understanding of which foods do and don’t help you lose stomach fat, and which foods actually hinder your efforts to lose tummy fat. Here we will focus on the foods that have been shown to hamper losing stomach fat.

Saturated fat and trans-fat are associated with higher levels of belly fat. Therefore, to lose stomach fat cut down or reduce foods that are high in these fats. While it may be more obvious which foods contain saturated fat (e.g. meat, butter, lard, etc.), it may not be immediately obvious which foods contain high levels of trans-fats. Moreover, in addition to increasing belly fat, there is much evidence that trans-fats can adversely impact health. Indeed, in some countries trans-fats are effectively banned, as well as in some US states and US cities.

Trans-fats are found in convenience foods, as well as baked goods and fried foods. You’ll find trans-fats in spreads, packaged foods, soups, fast food, breakfast cereals, chips, crackers, cookies and candy. While this list may seem long, it really only includes foods that are generally considered unhealthy and calorific, ready made or both. You can still prepare these foods at home with your own ingredients that do not contain trans fat and will most likely also be lower in sugar, salt and calories.

Research has also shown that eating a diet rich in refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, sugar, white rice and white pasta, is associated with greater levels of tummy fat. Instead opt for wholemeal bread, brown rice and brown pasta. To lose stomach fat, you need not forgo your favorite foods entirely, you just need to make some substitutions!

To lose belly fat avoid eating foods that are known to be associated with increased levels of stomach fat. Therefore, avoid eating junk food, convenience foods and processed foods. In any case, junk food tends to have a lot of calories, while failing to make you feel full for any length of time. Soon after eating junk food, you’ll be hungry again. This means, not only are you eating a lot of calories at one meal, but you’ll also be hungry quicker and eat even more calories later. Furthermore, junk food is often high in refined carbohydrates and contains a lot of saturated fat and trans-fats. In other words, junk food will make losing stomach fat more difficult. If you are on the go and why not try a homemade sandwich or salad instead of buying processed, junk or convenience food.

Lose Weight Around The Stomach

There are many folks who want to blitz off the extra kilos and lose weight around the stomach. But do you have the time to tone up your physique and spare or dedicate many hours every day? In real life, we still need to go to work/school and look after our family, friends and social life. The average person can’t be at the gym everyday for 2 hours.

And besides all that, the workouts contain workout routines that will not work our body in a useful way but just pile on a lot of bulk. Unless you would like to build a lot of muscle, you should be wary of the traditional workout.

Of course, when it comes to body building, the dumbbells and machines in most gyms are the right choice. But for general fitness and weight loss goals, there are other alternatives which should be considered.

Most of us can just about squeeze 15 – 30 minutes a day to attain our exercise goals so it is a case of making the most of the little time available to you. It is possible to shape up, lose weight and blitz the fat belly and realize your fitness goals.

This workout I am about to divulge to you is a great way of improving your all round fitness. It will tone and shape you in the right areas and you will lose pounds. It may seem a little out of the ‘normal’ range but stick with it. It will surprise you.

I want to share with you a workout that I do personally that delivers a great combination of strength, flexibility, cardio and muscular endurance, and fat burning.

Perform this routine without resting in between the sets. If you feel you need to rest to start with, make the breaks as short as possible. If you feel any of the exercises are too much at the start, that’s OK. Just do less in the first few workouts and then gradually build up the numbers.

1. Standard jumping jacks – as many as possible for 1 minute

2. Squats, just using your body weight – 20 of these

3. Standard push-ups – as many as you can in 1 minute

4. Jogging on the spot (bring your knees right up) – 1 minute

5. Lie down on tummy, arms out to the side, lift legs chest and arms off floor – 20 times

6. Lunge – 20 times

7. Twisting the torso (rotate from the tummy) 20 times each direction

8. Side bends – 20 dips each side

9. Wall sit – for as long as possible

10. Dips (just use a chair or bench) – as many as you can for 1 minute

Most of these exercises are common ones. If you don’t know what they look like, type the name into a search engine to find more information or ask a buddy.

Although it looks simple, you need to be able to do this routine 3 times through without a pause in between each exercise.

This simple exercises will give you better results quicker than needing to go to the gym. You can perform this workout in the park or anywhere you wish. It is completely portable.
Feel free to personalize this workout. You may wish to do more of one and less of another exercise. That’s fine. Mix it up to keep it interesting. Try different ways of dong the routine and keep it fresh.