Stomach Fat – 3 Proven Ways to Lose It

Stomach fat can be the most difficult fat to lose if you have done too much yoyo dieting or if you tend to love white sugar and flour. While I can not promise you that the belly fat will go away with no effort at all on your part, there are some proven techniques for getting rid of it that work much better than others.

If you are a woman, you know that frequently the first place the weight comes off from is the bustline — the one place you did not mind having a little extra padding. This can be the most demoralizing part of dieting and exercising and working so hard to try to look better — the first pounds that come off actually make you look worse. It does not have to be that way. Here are three proven ways to lose stomach fat first. No more bulging over your favorite pants.

1) The Master Cleanse or Lemonade Diet

By drinking nothing but a mixture of water, grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper, you can drop more than a pound a day on the Master Cleanse. And the weight that comes off will all be from around your middle. Many people also report having their skin clear up, losing lingering colds, and having mild but chronic medical conditions fade away.

You should stay on the Master Cleanse for at least ten days and you can stay on it over a month at a time if you want. If it is your first cleanse, or you have never done a cleanse before, you may not feel so good during the first few days. Hang in there and do not give up. You are purging your body of all the bad stuff that has been clogging it up and creating that belly fat.

2) Cutting out Carbs

I love pasta just as much as anyone else, but there’s simply no way around it: Sugar and white flour make us puffy. Not only that, but they have zero nutritional value. So if you want to lose the belly fat and start looking as lean and elegant as a movie star, seriously consider cutting out all carbs for a two week period. You can still eat all the meat, cheese, vegetables and fruits that you want. Just skip the bread basket and have yourself a steak with asparagus on the side.

3) Exercise. Heavy Exercise.

If you can not stop eating the stuff that is giving you the belly fat, you will need to burn it off. That means cardio and weights, and quite a lot of it. You will have to get your heart rate up to the fat burning threshold for your body (which is probably somewhere between 120 and 150 beats per minute) and keep it there for 90 minutes a day to see any results. This is going to be a bit hard if you have not worked out in awhile, but its the only way to get that fat off.

I see too many people with way too much belly fat come into the gym and get on the treadmill and do a slow walk. And they come back week after week and their belly fat never goes away.To lose it you are going to have to push yourself. You are going to have to sweat.

Best Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat

You can do all the stomach exercises you want you will still not lose stomach fat.

It’s the truth. You could workout for years and still not lose stomach fat. People seem to have the misconception that maybe if they do exercises focused on the abdominal area they will probably lose belly fat. However if you wish to lose stomach fat fast you need to exercise your complete body. Unless you do so you will not see any results.

When you exercise all the muscles in your body not only will you lose weight, but, you’ll lose weight extremely fast.

Here are a couple of workout tips you must remember while working out.

1. Don’t overdo the exercise: This is very important to remember. Many people want to see quick results and they tend to overdo the exercise. This will put added stress on the body and only slow down the results you want to see. Don’t workout for more than an hour everyday.

2. Stay focused: Before the exercise its a good idea to prepare your mind to work hard. This will help you stay focused. Also listening to music keeps your mind focused and your body pumped.

Working out is only a small part of the weight lose mission. In order to lose weight effectively you must have weight loss plan. Without a good weight loss plan losing weight and seeing desirable results is close to impossible. Not having a good weight loss plan is the reason most people aren’t able to lose weight.
It’s important to be aware of things like what exercises to do, what’s the right way to do them and what kind of diet plan is needed.