How To Lose Stomach Fat – Five Foods To Help You Get A Flat Tummy

You need to do two things to lose stomach fat: eat the right foods and do regular exercise. While the two go hand in hand, eating the right foods will have the most impact initially. Listed below are five foods that will help you to get a flat tummy.

  1. Oatmeal is a very good source of fiber and a great way to start the day. The fiber makes you feel fuller, so you will not be looking for food again for a while. It also helps get rid of the toxins in your body by proper elimination, which helps you lose weight and protects you against colon cancer. Because it lowers cholesterol it helps fight heart disease.
  2. All berries are good for your body and you need to include them in your diet. They are a source of energy and nutrients. Because some of them are high in antioxidants – blueberries and cranberries – they strengthen your immune system, which helps your body fight disease. In addition to that they are low in calories. This means you are getting your energy from good food that will not put on weight.
  3. Avocado has been described as a ‘whole food’ because it is so full of goodness you could live of it. It is rich in fats but they are good fats. It also contains a high percentage of potassium, which helps control blood pressure.
  4. Grass fed bison is one of the best forms of protein because it contains a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, but without the heavy metals that can be found in some fish. Protein is important, as the body has to work to digest it. In the process it burns calories, which means just by eating protein you can lose weight. Other good sources of protein are lean beef and lamb, chicken, eggs and fish.
  5. Most nuts are high in energy and are another source of protein. Walnuts are especially beneficial because they have a high concentrate of omega-3. The protein will help you lose stomach fat and the omega-3 fatty acids will help protect your heart. Try to include them in your daily diet – they can be handy as snacks, rather than cookies or candy.

This is a short list of some of the good foods you can eat to help get a flat tummy. Where you can, use fresh foods that require preparation like lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. Processed, ready to eat foods often have very poor nutritional value. In addition to that, many are cooked in trans fats, which are bad for your heart and will add to your stomach fat. If you follow these guidelines you will be healthier, feel more energetic and gradually lose your stomach fat,

Tone Your Stomach and Lose Weight

Here’s how to tone your stomach and lose some weight in the process. Hopefully you’re done losing your money with hyped-up diet pills. Hopefully you over trying those extreme diets. If so, I have a few simple, but very EFFECTIVE tips that’ll help you melt off your belly fat. This article takes only 2 minutes to read, but it may be 2 very important minutes for you and your body.

Tone your Stomach, Lose Weight

1. Focus your efforts on doing bodyweight squats quickly

You don’t need to waste time and money going to the gym. Bodyweight squats will help you to lose weight, flatten your belly, and tone your thighs. Here’s what I’d like for you to do to get the most benefits from doing these.

You have to do them extremely fast. Up, down, up, down… like you’re a machine. Don’t treat these like a weightlifting exercise… like how you’d squat if you were using weight. Go watch some tv. On the first commercial break, do 1 set of 30 bodyweight squats as fast as you can. Stop. Watch some more tv and repeat this 3 more times when the next 3 commercial breaks come on.

Do this daily to melt off tummy fat.

2. I’m big on convenience… so if you have stairs in your home or building, use them

You can use stairs in 2 ways. First off, you’ll walk up and down them. The first way you can do this is during commercial breaks… like with the squats. This works best when the stairs are in your home. So for 3 minutes you walk up and down them. The second way is to devote 15-20 minutes for walking up and down the stairs non-stop. This is even better, but sometimes less practical.

Look, if you want to tone your stomach and lose weight, these 2 exercises make it happen… and make it happen really fast.

Belly Weight – How to Lose Belly Weight

Finding it hard to lose belly weight? Even when you’ve lost a lot of weight, belly weight can be one of the hardest parts to finally reduce. It’s commonly known as brown fat the surrounds your abdominal muscles and is the first type of fat to increase, and normally the hardest and last type of fat to reduce. Here is the fastest way how to lose that belly weight.

“Abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen!”

Have heard that phrase before? If you haven’t, it is true. We all have abdominal muscles that form the core of our bodies, however it’s that layer of fat that surrounds them that cover our abs up. Fortunately for us we have the option to choose the right foods, that help burn the fat around our bodies and including our belly weight, so eating right is the number one step.

Eating whole foods is the key! What do I mean by whole foods? Well if it hasn’t been processed and doesn’t contain a label that contains more than 1 ingredient on it, it’s whole. Fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, seeds, nuts, and wholegrains (e.g. rice, oatmeal) should be the staple of your diet. These foods BURN FAT faster. Why? Because they keep you feeling fuller longer, they keep your blood sugar level more stable, and they contain the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help cleanse your system of toxins and repair body tissue and muscle, which increases your metabolism.

Drinking water is also vital. Many people talk about water retention, that causes weight gain, so they may think that drinking less water is the answer. They couldn’t be more wrong. Water is kept in the system if the body detects that there is not enough water in it, so it stores it for energy, along with waste products. Drinking at least 2 litres of fresh water per day will flush your system of excess water and waste, help clear toxins that cause belly weight and keep you hydrated and alert.

Tip: If your thirsty, it’s too late, so continue to sip on a filled up 2 litre bottle of water through out the day.

Losing belly weight can be harder, if you neglect your diet and nutrition so make sure your choose the right diet. Also, add exercise to your plan 3-6 times per week, depending on your schedule and goals and you will lose that belly weight fast.

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How Do I Lose Weight in My Stomach Fast?

People often ask a variety of questions regarding weight loss, one of those most often asked being ‘how do I lose weight in my stomach fast.’ They generally want to lose stomach fat for a particular occasion; hence the need for wanting to do it fast, yet this is one of the more difficult places to lose fat and also one of the areas where excessive fat deposits can be most dangerous.

Fat around the midriff can be extremely dangerous to the heart and vital organs, and excessive stomach fat can also be indicative of stubborn hard fat deposits around the vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. If there is anywhere you should work hard to remove fat it is here.

When targeting any area for fat loss, it is essential that the specific area must be subject to exercise in order to get the blood flowing through the tissues. First, however, you must make sure that your calorie or energy expenditure exceeds that taken in by your diet so that your overall energy balance is negative. In this way, you will tend to lose weight generally and by exercise you can then target your stomach.

It is very difficult to lose stomach fat fast, because any weight loss that lasts is a relatively slow process. However, here are some tips about how you can lose weight in your stomach as fast as possible without endangering your health.

BMR, TDEE and the Harris Benedict Equation

First, eat fewer calories than you use up. To achieve this you should understand your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and also if possible, your total daily energy expenditure. There are formulae enabling you to work this out, and your BMR can calculated thus:

For women: BMR = 655 + (4.7 x Height) + (4.35 x Wt) – (4.7 x age) For men: BMR = 66 + (12.7 x Height) + (6.23 x Wt) – (6.8 x age)

Height is in inches, Weight is in pounds and age is in years.

Thus, for a 35 year old woman, 5ft 5 in tall and weighing 119 lb her BMR is 1313.65. That means that she will use up around 1314 calories while at rest, for example sleeping. To find her total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), the Harris Benedict equation can be used for a rough approximation, good enough for practical purposes. For a lightly active person, taking moderate exercise or sports 1-3 times weekly, the equation gives the TDEE to be BMR x 1.375, in this case 1313.65 x 1.375 or 1806 calories.

That means that this woman needs 1806 calories in her diet to meet her normal daily needs. In order to lose weight, then, she must either eat fewer calories than that or exercise more. Calorie charts for exercise and food intake can be used along with the TDEE to balance diet with exercise so that she has a net excess of energy and therefore she should lose weight.

However, when applied to you, there are two additional things you can do to lose weight in your stomach as fast as possible.

1. Exercise the Correct Muscle Groups

Not only eat fewer calories than you use, but exercise your tummy muscles. That way you can target that area for weight loss. By doing sit ups, twists and other stomach exercises, you will certainly work the muscles in the area where you want to lose weight, but will not only lose weight there. You will also lose weight in general, although your middle should lose a bit more fat than average.

2. Increase Your Metabolism

The above calculation uses a few different factors, but one is your metabolic rate. You can increase that, and so increase the calories you use up while at rest, by building up your muscle mass. That needn’t just be your tummy muscles to be effective, but can be any muscle groups. Muscle tissue needs more energy to maintain than fat tissue, and so the more muscle you build then the easier it will be for you to lose weight in general and tummy fat in particular.

Therefore, in order to lose weight in your stomach fast, you should expend as much more energy than your TDEE as possible, maintain a diet as low in calories over this period as possible, exercise your stomach muscles, and also eat a high protein diet supplemented with highly colored fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

By doing this you will a) lose weight generally, b) lose weight specifically in your stomach area, c) build muscle tissue from the amino acids in the protein diet, and c) maintain a strong immune system and healthy biochemistry by eating or drinking the nutrition contained in the fruits and vegetables (the more highly colored they are the more antioxidants and anti-inflammatories they contain).

That is how I lose weight in my stomach fast, and there’s no reason why you cannot do the same. Fasting once a day two or three times each month will accelerate the desired fat loss.

How To Lose Stomach Fat For Women

Putting ‘how to lose stomach fat for women’ aside for a moment, I believe it’s safe to say that weight loss techniques is a topic that is very popular in internet search bars. Even though a lot of people do end up finding great and trustworthy methods to losing undesired stomach fat, the majority are lost in never-ending lists of programs and weight loss products, many of which fail to deliver on their promises of particular results. It truly is saddening… to think about how many incredible people who are only searching to be released from the bondage of self-consciousness struggle so much with finding the right ways to lose their extra weight. It isn’t fair to put the blame on them for struggling with this, it really is terribly hard to find the correct way to lose belly fat. I personally understand how the weight loss industry has made losing weight so confusing, and how there is no solid proof that a product’s promises aren’t corrupt.

Now, besides all the difficulties with just finding the best way to lose weight, you may have to add a bit more difficulty to this scale if you are a woman… I apologize for saying this, but it’s actually scientific. Read further if you want to correctly learn how to lose stomach fat for women…

It is not a new discovery to say that a woman’s body mass is generally more delicate than a man’s, that’s a given. But along with a woman’s more petite body structure (that is not built to house large muscle tissue), comes an unavoidable lower metabolism. To put it into perspective, say two people were to exercise together, each with a different body mass than the other, one large and one a bit leaner. If they were to exercise with the exact same routine, the larger body would burn significantly more calories than the leaner body… up to 3 times as many! The reason this happens is because someone with more body mass uses much more energy to do a physical act, and spends more calories to achieve what you are asking it to do.

You may be in one of two situations. Either you are just beginning to lose weight and have a large build already, or you have been losing weight for a while and can’t seem to eliminate those last few pounds or final bit of stomach fat. The good news is: this idea of ‘more mass loses more weight’ can be used with whatever stage you’re in!

Now the solution on how to lose stomach fat for women. If you can make it through the first leg of losing weight (make sure you incorporate exercise and a good diet) and you start seeing results (which you will more easily at first because with a larger body mass comes a higher metabolism), then you can begin to focus on building up muscle in the major muscle groups. This creates ‘positive’ body mass that works the same way and is just as aggressive in burning calories as fat! Except now, you are past the negative and going into the positive! Imagine losing weight as a number line. When you start, you are at -40. As you lose your ‘fat body mass’ you begin to move towards the 0. Once you are finished using the mass of your fat to your advantage (from higher metabolism), you are at 0, and from then on into the positives you are utilizing muscle instead as your fat-burning mass!

Now that you are aware of this principle, it should be easier to understand how to tackle losing weight! To recap: the first pounds you lose will be the easiest (the hardest part is adjusting your lifestyle, but the weight will detach itself quickly when you have a large body mass), and once you have lost a lot of the fat, begin exercising your muscles to utilize this healthier mass to gain higher metabolism and in turn higher rate of calorie burning! How to lose stomach fat for women is now known as a principle.

How To Lose Your Stomach In A Week

If you’re thinking that it’s possible to lose your stomach in a week then it is safe to assume that you probably do not have a lot of weight to lose. Unfortunately there are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ magic potions, tricks, exercises, or foods that will answer the question of how to lose your stomach in a week. However, what you CAN do in just one day is reduce a bloated stomach…and that same method is one of the very important steps you need to take to begin the weight loss process: Drink more water and avoid certain foods.

To start, trying drinking your body weight in ounces of water a day! Increasing your water intake is advisable because it reduces cravings and improves every cellular function of the body – resulting in a healthier digestive system and increasing metabolism. If you consume enough water, you’ll notice a major difference in how your stomach feels and looks (no more bloating) in much LESS than a week! So you’re wondering how to lose your stomach in a week – shedding pounds of belly fat won’t happen that fast, but changing how you feel and how your body works is a major part of the battle and can be done in no time!

The foods you want to avoid are fried and/or processed foods and other foods that are high-glycemic or are high in gluten. For lunches or evening meals, stay away from carbs like bread and potatoes, and eat smart portions of brown rice or quinoa – if you must have pasta, stick with whole-grain pasta (not even multi-grain or whole wheat). Oatmeal or toast for breakfast can make you feel bloated and spike your insulin – so try having scrambled eggs for breakfast instead and you’ll notice that you aren’t bloated at 9 a.m. and starving for carbs again in a few hours. It is also wise to consume only minimal servings of fruits and leafy veggies if you are attempting to reduce bloating. Most importantly, eat smaller “meals” more often throughout the day rather than only 3 big meals.

OK, so maybe you have a special event coming up and you just can’t quite fit into that dress you’d like to wear or you have to wear a swimming suit or you just want to button your favorite jeans…The last thing that you can do when you’re wondering how to lose your stomach in a week is flex-and-hold. In some cases, flexing your stomach muscles high and tight can amazingly take inches off of your waist line! Often part of the belly bulge is just distended organs; pulling them in by flexing your abs for a few days will help tone your stomach muscles and might reduce your waistline just enough to zip up that dress! Of course, this isn’t always comfortable and easy, and it’s not an involuntary muscle contraction, but it is a great habit to get into and you will love the result, especially long-term.

Lose Stomach Weight Fast

Some people are under the impression that it is possible to lose stomach weight fast by doing exercises that concentrate on muscles in that area of the body. This is not true. While gaining muscle anywhere on the body is good for burning calories that will in turn burn fat, it is impossible to know where your body will decide to take the fat from. If you are genetically predisposed to have fat on your stomach, then it will be very difficult to get the fat away from there. The best you can do is to develop a good diet and exercise plan and hope for the best.

Now, I do not want to make you lose hope. There is always hope when it comes to weight loss. If you have more chub around your navel than you would prefer, then you need to work out your entire body to make that look better. Still, like I said before, no matter how many abdominal workouts you do, you are not going to lose weight off of your stomach unless your body decides that it wants to remove fat from there.

Studies do show that sometimes you lose weight in the order from where you gained it. Often, people will gain weight in one area first, then in other areas. As you start to lose weight, your body might get rid of it in the opposite order. So, if you gained the weight in your belly first, then you might have more work to do than someone who gained the weight in their belly last.

It is dangerous to have a lot of fat in your stomach. People who have fat bellies are more prone to develop diabetes. This terrible disease can sometimes be beat by losing weight. So, it is smart to want to get rid of the fat inside of your belly. You just need to be practical in your goals.

So, don’t worry so much about how to lose stomach weight fast, and instead concentrate on just losing all of your excess weight as fast as it is healthy. You can do this through a stringent exercise plan. You can form one of these with the help of a personal trainer or on your own. No matter which plan you choose, you need to be strong enough to follow the plan for the rest of your life if you have to.