Abdominal Exercises – Way To Get Washboard Abs For Women

Women love it when they have a flat belly and attractive abs that they can flaunt; stunning abs is known to ooze confidence and poise. After all, who wants flab to bulge out? The heaps of calories that you consume often become visible in the form of stored fats in your abdomens. Moreover, there can be excess fat in your abs as a result of medical issues and pregnancy. So, it is time to get rid of those stored fatty deposits by opting for some of the best abdominal exercises.

There are some abdominal exercises which are known to work wonders to the figures of women; here are a few top ones for you:

• Go for side sit-ups. Bend your left arm and lie down on your side. Form a forty-five degree angle. Keep your right arm extended entirely on the ground. Your body should be bent and moved in the direction of your shoulders; you must keep breathing properly. Stay in that position for five seconds. Relax and return back to your initial position. Repeat it ten to fifteen times.

• Alternate sit-ups are also very helpful abdominal exercises. Draw out your arms and legs. Recline on the floor. Gradually, try to reach your right foot by using your left arm. Hold the position for five seconds. Now, do this with the other side; do this alternately for fifteen times.

• Full-body sit-ups are indispensable if you want wonderful abs. bend your body so that you reach your toes with the help of the support of your lower back. Repeat this fifteen times.

Crunches form effective abdominal exercises; ensure that you include the following simple but best ones in your regime:

• Reverse crunch is a well-known and simple among abdominal exercises. Lie down on the floor; keep your knees bent and let your feet touch the floor. Slowly, bring the knees towards your chest to form a ninety-degree angle; your abdominal muscles would contract. Now, lift your hips to some extent from the floor. Low down your legs slowly. Repeat.

• With fitness ball crunches, you can target the muscles in your abs. The ball should be rolled backwards a little; then you need to crunch down. Perform the reverse while doing the opposite part of this workout.

The P90x program has an array of options available for you. There are workouts that are specifically planned for women; the schedules are well-planned with the right kind of exercises and a proper diet plan to help you attain the washboard abs that you hallucinate to flaunt. Rigorous exercises form a part of the P90x workout program; there is a combination of yoga, strength training, aerobics, stretching and plyometrics. Along with these and the various abdominal exercises, a diet chart is to be maintained so that your abs is toned up just in the way you want. Check out the various P90X reviews available to get a positive light on the program.

Best Ab Workout For a Flatter Stomach and Tighter Abs

For those that are looking for a flatter stomach or tighter abs, finding the best ab workout can seem elusive. The main thing to consider is that there are a variety of things you can incorporate into a short daily exercise routine that can work the core muscle groups that extend from your pelvic muscle, through the abdominals and includes the diaphragm. For better posture, fewer lower back aches and a flatter belly, you can use different methods to accomplish effective core muscle conditioning.

The best ab workout will incorporate a variety of stretching and contracting exercises that aren’t forced or straining, yet offer results. Incorporating a variety of things into your exercise regiment allows you to work different groups at different times, in a variety of ways. Keep in mind that you should refrain from working the same muscles two days in a row, so alternating core muscle exercises is a good way to accomplish a slow, steady conditioning of the abdominals and other core muscles.

Deep breathing while exercising these muscles allows you to work the diaphragm and gives you more oxygen in the bloodstream while exercising. Another thing to consider is that slow, focused muscle stretching to the point you aren’t over-doing it is the most effective way to get results. If you are straining the muscles, it can take a few days for them to heal and cause you pain the next day. If you are feeling soreness the next day, you probably strained the core muscles more than needed to accomplish the best results for flattening your abs.

Those that do a high number of reps to start out will certainly feel this pain and soreness. It is best to start out with a few reps and build up to more, as you stop feeling results. Working the muscles with a variety of exercises in a variety of angles can make your workout more effective. Whether you are doing crunches, lunges, leg lifts or bicycling, you should try different varieties and take a slow and steady approach. Stretching or pulling and contracting the core muscles too much can cause soreness and strain the muscles more than is necessary.

The main key to building strong abdominals and core muscles is that you choose exercises to focus on different muscles each day. You can accomplish the best workout routine for your abs by keeping sessions short and doing 3 to 5 different exercises. All you need to consider is that fifteen minutes a day will give you results, when it comes to flattening your abs. Of course, if you incorporate cardio exercises or fast walking, you will see results from an overall body workout, as well.

Many people think that dieting is necessary when it comes to getting flatter abs. If you are overweight, a healthy diet that is low fat and low carbohydrates can be incorporated with a sound exercise program. You don’t have to over-do it and keep in mind that losing weight and flatter abs are two things that take a slow, steady and consistent approach for the best workout and the best physical condition.

Exercises to Tighten Abs – 5 Effective Ab Exercises to Get You That Flat Stomach You Want

Are you looking for ways to flatten the stomach area? Diet and exercise are an important part of the plan. There are many ways to work the abdominal muscles. I have found the five most effective exercises to work the stomach.

Take these tips and start to incorporate them in your workout routine. By sticking with this plan and watching what you eat, which means eating a more sensible diet and watching your fat intake, you should see some good results. Just remember the more you put into the exercise and dieting, the more you will get out. Here are the five stomach exercises.


This is the standard exercise that most people know and have probably tried at one time. This exercise when properly done will help strengthen the stomach, and with proper eating habits help flatten the stomach area.

When doing a crunch I would recommend lying on carpet,or mat to help protect the back and head. It’s starts with you laying on your back with feet either straight out, or you can bend the knees with the feet flat to the floor. Place your hands on your abs, behind the head, or across the chest and raise the shoulders off the mat. Squeeze the abdominal muscles as you lift yourself from the floor. Try to do as many as you can without hurting yourself.

Reverse Style Crunch

Just like it sounds you reverse the regular crunch by putting your hands on the ground, behind the head, or across the chest. Simply by laying on your back, legs bent about 90 degrees bring the knees toward the chest area with the feet together. Do as many as you can.

Hanging Or Sitting Leg Raises

Depending on where you are working out, or what type of condition the person is in, this exercise is a must. This exercise targets the lower stomach muscles and improves over all abdominal strength. If you are working out at home using a chair for this exercise is fine. Simply sit in the chair and lift the legs up until you can go no further.

If the individual is working out at the gym, hanging leg raises are performed on a machine such as a dip and pull up station. Where you hang from a bar and lift the legs toward the stomach area. This is one of the hardest stomach exercises, but one of the best to improve your physique.

Plank Exercise

This exercise is a favorite and helps strengthen the stomach and back. Lay down on the floor or mat resting your body on the forearms. Making sure the back is flat and you are contracting the stomach muscles. Hold this position for at least 60 seconds, then return by lowering yourself back on the mat or floor.

Exercise Ball

This one piece of equipment you can do all of the exercises listed above, except for the plank exercise. I think anyone who is interested in fitness should own one. It helps stretch the back muscles, you can exercise off the ball, and add push ups to your routine. They are fairly inexpensive and the results you will achieve will be worth the purchase.

So these are the five stomach exercise that I recommend and use on a weekly basis. Just remember that working the stomach muscles helps flatten the stomach, but there are also other components that go along. Eating habits play a vital role and also drinking plenty of water helps with flattening of the abdominal area.

Ab Flattening Exercises – The 2 Best Stomach Flattening Exercises!

Looking for some ab flattening exercises to incorporate into your routine? Well, look no further because you’ve just found what you’re looking for. However, before I get into the exercises, I should point on the fact that in order to burn body fat – so you can ultimately see your abdominals – you need to create a calorie deficit.

Basically, what that means is that you have to burn more calories than you ingest. This is accomplished by following a diet that has you eating frequent, nutrient dense portions of food throughout the day and also, by following a workout program that maximises your energy output while you’re in the gym.

That being said, I’ll get into the exercises. Now, technically the most efficient exercises for flattening your abdominals would be the exercises that burn the most calories. These are the compound, multi-joint, multi-muscle exercises that most of us tend to avoid because they’re so draining to perform. You know, squats, lunges, push ups, pull ups – that sort of thing. But since you’re most likely looking for abdominal-specific exercises, I’ll get right into them.

Ab Flattening Exercises

Note: Click the link below to view step by step instructions and video demonstrations for each of these exercises.

Medicine Ball Ab Blaster: I’ve worked as a personal trainer for years and one day, I had a few hours in between clients so I was playing around and trying to come up with new abdominal exercises. Well, that afternoon I developed what I now called the “medicine ball ab blaster” and I’m glad I did. This my friends, is the absolute best abdominal exercise I’ve ever performed. My clients love it and I love it myself.

You’ll need a medicine ball and ideally, a partner to perform it – although you can perform a modified version if you don’t have a training partner to assist you. It combines a traditional sit up (which is when you’ll toss the medicine ball to your partner) and a pelvic tilt and leg raise so you’ll be working the lower portion of your abdominals as well.

Standing Olympic Bar Twists: You don’t see many people performing this exercise in the gym simply because they don’t know about it. This is one of the most effective ab flattening exercises around because not only it serve its purpose when it comes to firming up the midsection, but it also develops the functional strength of the core.

The Benefits Of Proper Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises are very popular among the health conscious people today. Most of them include a workout routine in their daily schedule either by doing exercises at home or joining a health club or gym. The goal of all the people is common; get a flat stomach or a six-pack abs. This can be achieved by doing abdominal exercises. These exercises help you to strengthen your muscles and give you a flat stomach that you have been dreaming of. A strong and healthy body will help you to increase your performance in any field. You can combat all kinds of chiropractic problems as well.

The abdomen is the most important part of your body. It has many muscles which are divided into groups. The hardest area on the body is the lower abdomen which is very difficult to firm up using the abdominal exercises. So while doing the exercises you have to give special importance to this area. You should also follow proper discipline and choose appropriate exercise to tone the abs. By working on the abdomen you can easily enhance your back and core. Your back becomes stronger and is less prone to injuries. Your posture will also be greatly improved.

The abdominal exercises help to relieve stress also. Stress is a dangerous situation because it can lead to anxiety and cause damage to your immune system too. By doing appropriate exercises you can easily overcome stress and other problems related to it. Conditions like obesity and heart disease can also be controlled to a great extent. If you have never been exercising before, you might find it slightly difficult in the beginning. But when you make these abdominal exercises a routing you will start feeling much better.

There are different ways in which you can start the abdominal exercises. You can either do them from your home or join any health club in your locality. By doing the workouts regularly you can start experiencing good health. The risk of getting diseases like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension will be lowered considerably. Problems related to blockages of digestive tract will also be improved.

One of the most important abdominal exercises is the crunch. It consists of simple movements. Lie down on your back and bent up your knees. Place your hands behind your head or cross over the chest. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift the top part of your torso off the ground. All the other abdominal exercises are just a variation of this exercise. So if you are new to workouts you need to master them properly.

If you want the workouts to be effective you have to include the abdominal exercises in your workout regime. If you want to get a perfect body without those ‘love handles’ then you may have to take more effort to firm your obliques. Oblique crunches and upper abs are very effective and provide you with visible results than any of the other abdominal exercises. Oblique crunch is similar to sit-up because instead of coming up straight you have to come up diagonally. This provides you with double impact than the traditional crunch. So choose a proper abdominal workout regime and get a healthy and perfect body.

The Three Top Abdominal Exercises for Women

Everyone admires beautiful abs. Women and men alike consider ab exercises to be some of the toughest exercises of all. However, this is not true. Abdominal exercise can be easier than you think. Both the upper and lower abdominal muscles need to be worked to get the best overall look and strength. There are a variety of crunch positions that will work but here are three of the best ab exercises for women who want to get great results.

Exercise ball crunches – This is a good one if you are just starting to exercise.

– Step 1 – Sit on the ball and place your hands on the back of your head and walk your legs out lowering your body on to the ball until your upper back and shoulders are all that remain on top of the ball. Legs should be shoulder width apart.

– Step 2 – Lift your pelvic to straighten your lower back and tighten your buttocks and contract the abdomen muscles.

– Steps 3 – Keeping your elbows pointing out to the side slowly raise the shoulders slightly being careful not to pull the neck. You should feel the crunch in the abdominals; the thighs and buttock muscles will be working too.

– Step 4 – Hold the position for a moment then slowly lower the shoulders to the ball and repeat for as many times as you can perform the exercise without straining.

Rest for 30 seconds or less between sets. Do 2 or 3 sets of 12 to 15 repetitions every other day.

Floor bicycle movement – This exercise does not require any equipment.

– Step 1 – Lie on your back with your hands behind your head and legs straight out.

– Step 2 – Contract your abdomen muscles and lift one leg bending your knee while raising your shoulders slightly off the floor without pulling your neck.

– Step 3 – Bring your elbow and knee together bending so that the elbow and knee just touch.

– Step 4 – Lower and then change sides so the alternate legs in a bicycle movement touching knee to elbow. Repeat.

Move through the positions slowly. You can vary this ab exercise by bringing the knee and elbow of the opposite sides together requiring the upper body to turn slightly from side to side. This maneuver is very effective and works the oblique as well as both the upper and lower abdominals.

Hanging Knee Raises – This is a most effective exercise but needs gym equipment (Captain’s Chair. )

– Step 1 – The body is held upright by the arms resting on padded arm bars with the feet handing down. The lower back is straight and supported by a back rest.

– Step 2 – Contract the abdominal muscles and lift both knees slowly up toward the chest,

– Step 3 – Pause and then slowly lower the legs back down to the starting position. The muscles are constantly contracted throughout the exercise.

This abdominal workout is the most effective because it works both the upper and lower abs, back and arm muscles for an overall core strengthening exercise.

The Best Results

It’s not enough to just focus on doing abdominal exercise. For women especially, – you can have rock hard abdominal muscles, but if there is body fat covering them you won’t be able to see them. To make these exercises not only pay off but really show off you need to consider the following;

– Eating a well balanced diet low in saturated fats

– Doing a cardio or Aerobic warm-up before a workout

– Stretching both before and after exercise for increased flexibility

– Making regular exercise part of your lifestyle

Diet Is Important

Pay attention to what you eat and when you eat. It is as important as exercising if you want to lose weight or maintain an ideal body weight. If you want results you have to do the things that are needed to get the results. It is as simple as that. Once you get started in any exercise program it will become second nature and a part of your everyday routine. So suck in that stomach and get the beautiful abs you always wanted.

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