Flat Stomach Exercise – Simple & Effective Exercises For a Flat Stomach

If you ask most people what is the one part of their body that they would like to change, most of the time the answer would be their belly. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be one of the most problematic areas that people struggle with when dieting and exercising. The truth is both diet and exercise is needed to get that perfect flat stomach so this article will look at the most effective exercises for achieving that goal.

To get a flat stomach you need to lose the fat that is covering your stomach muscles. That means that you’ll need to combine both cardio to lose that fat and strength exercises to help tone the area if you want the best chances of success. Unfortunately just doing 200 crunches a day isn’t enough – you need to work on losing the fat as well.

It has actually been shown that the best exercise for getting a flat stomach is jogging. Jogging or any other cardio exercise will help burn the fat all over your body including your stomach area.

If you’ve only been doing crunches or other stomach exercises and not seeing any significant results, it is probably because you need to lose the weight first. You can’t tone fat – you have to get rid of it.

Get started by committing to some cardio exercises four times a week for at least thirty minutes each session. You need to increase your heart rate to burn excess calories and start losing weight. Increasing your heart rate also boosts your metabolism to help with calorie burning.

Once you are losing weight, then you can work on your stomach exercises to get that ‘six pack’ ripped look.

You don’t need to do hundreds of crunches to see a difference; in fact any exercise that contracts the muscles around your middle will be effective in toning up that area. Choose your favorite and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times a day.

Another effective way to expand and contract the stomach is to suck your gut in. Exhale while pulling your gut in and hold for about 20 seconds. The slower release as you inhale. The beauty about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere: at home, at work or even on the bus.

As you can see it takes more than just sit-ups to get a flat stomach, you need to focus on first losing the belly fat and then toning up your muscles. Moderate exercise combined with a healthy diet is the fastest way to get perfect abs.

3 Amazing Flat Belly Exercises That Most People Don’t Know About

If you want to discover 3 flat belly exercises which can work your abs muscles and other body parts at the same time, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. One of the best ways to work the stomach muscles is to do resistance training of other body parts with exercises which work the belly indirectly.

What do I mean by working the stomach indirectly? With each exercise, you have the main muscles and you have supporting muscles. for instance, when you do push-ups, you’re mostly working your pecs, but your shoulder muscles and triceps serve as supporting muscles and also get pumped. The stomach serves as a supporting muscle for many exercises. Doing these exercises means that you’re flattening your belly at the same time that you’re working other body parts. And it’s often more effective than doing traditional stomach workouts.

Here are 3 exercises for a flat belly which I urge you to begin doing today:

1. Pull ups – the pull up is a massive exercise. It mostly works the back muscles, but if you ask a friend to place his or her hand on your abs while you’re doing it, they’ll report that it’s hard as steel. That’s because the abs are straining like crazy. Even doing 5 pull ups is more of a flat belly exercise than 50 sit ups. And yes, even women can do this exercise.

2. Push ups – When you’re doing push ups you need to make sure that your stomach is tucked in. In that way, your abs are working hard all through the push ups. Regardless of the type of push up that you do: horizontal, elevated, or counter elevated, the stomach is still working. Push ups work your entire upper body and they’re a great exercise to flatten your belly.

3. Pull down – this is performed by pulling down the pulley cable and is really a softer version of the pull up (yes I know it sounds weird but they do similar things). When you pull the cable down from above your head down to your waist, you upper body goes through a complete extension which means that your belly muscles are straining. Again, the belly serves a supporting role, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not straining.

Do these 3 flat belly exercises and you will see results throughout your upper body, not just your abs.

Flat Stomach Exercises

There are literally hundreds of different exercises out there, and just as many different contraptions available to help you in your routines. Take heed however not all flat stomach exercises were created equally, and some are just plain foolish. Fortunately the old adage of “if it seems to good to be true it probably is” holds true in this scenario.

There simply is no quick way to get six pack abs, and of course there is no way to get them without exercising, so if you are unafraid of a little sweat lets take a look at some of the flat stomach exercises that work well, and some that are a definite waste of time and money.

The age old crunch is a mainstay of personal trainers across the globe, no one likes doing them, but unfortunately they are one of the best flat stomach exercises around. There is the one bonus however; crunches are cheap and easy to do. They require no special equipment; just a little willpower, a clean space, and some time every day. Unfortunately because crunches are some of the most hated flat stomach exercises you may want to take out a little “insurance” to make sure you follow through with your workouts. Working out with a friend is always a good strategy, having a workout buddy will help to keep you motivated and on task with your flat stomach exercises. This person can act like your exercise warden, making sure you stick to the plan; and in return you can do the same for them. If you are friendless, or just don’t have any buddies interested in flat stomach exercises then you may want to look in to a personal trainer at a health club. This is definitely a pricey option; however if you are serious about your flat stomach exercises and getting fit then it is well worth the investment.

If you do not have the money to plunk down on a personal trainer for your flat stomach exercises then you may want to consider renting or buying a workout video or DVD. These act to some extent like a personal trainer and are good at keeping the semi motivated on task. If you have no motivation you will most likely just ignore the video and sit on the couch, but if you only need a small push towards doing your flat stomach exercises then an exercise video is a cost effective solution that should definitely be given consideration.

Most of the gadgets out there that are supposed to help you with your flat stomach exercises are a waste of money. Few actually do anything, and the ones that do are not effective enough to make the cash worth while. The only gadgets that actually aid flat stomach exercises are the ones that help the user maintain a proper form while doing crunches. These help to prevent the user from straining their neck or back while attempting flat stomach exercises, but no not really effect the intensity of the workout. However if you are a relative novice to flat stomach exercises then you may want o give this category of equipment a shot just to help teach you proper form and prevent injury. Everything else however is just a gimmick and should be approached with caution.

There is no get fit quick solution, and tedious flat stomach exercises are really the only way to go if you are looking for those elusive six pack abs. With a lot of work, proper form, and the dedication to follow your flat stomach exercises you too can look hot in a bathing suit.

Flat Stomach Exercises – Super Fast Easy Flat Stomach Exercises!

You have need of knowing how to get flat stomach while incorporating exercises in your life. If you do not identify how to flatten your abdomen you would not know which exercises are helpful and which are low intensity exercises and thus a waste of your time.

Following are 2 types of Flat Stomach exercises that you must be performing:

Cardiovascular Exercise – Cardio exercises are a necessity if you wish to flatten your stomach because this is the most excellent way to burn off the body fat resourcefully. Cardio exercises are the exercises which need you to perform for about 20-30 minutes without using heavy weights. Instances of cardio exercises are running, swimming and skipping. Such exercises utilize the fat reserves in the body as energy while performing, since fat is used like fuel when performing the cardio exercises.

Strength Training – Also recognized as resistance training, this is one more way for you to flatten your abdomen, however using a diverse approach to the cardio exercises. While you use cardio workouts for losing fat, strength training is utilized to make your muscles stronger, and make them bigger (an augment of muscle mass). You utterly do not have to employ huge machinery to build up your muscles; just performing stomach crunches is good start.

The blend of these 2 ways of exercising is the best if you wish to flatten your abdomen. Cardiovascular exercises would help you to lose the fat, as well as strength training exercises would assist strengthen your abdomen as well as tone your stomach.

Therefore now you are deliberately aware of flat stomach exercises. Depending on how deep you want to exercise, you might want to execute a cardio exercise (or two) two times in a week, and after that strength training one time a week, or vice versa.

Flat Stomach Exercises – Fitness Exercises to Avoid

Engaging your body in exercises is one sure way by which you can get flat stomach. However, there are ways of doing these exercises that will guarantee that you get flat tummy as soon as possible, but there are others that don’t help at all; in fact, they only make things worse. The following ways of doing exercises should be avoided if you want to get faster results in your quest for a flat and firm stomach.

You must not be engaging your body in cardiovascular exercises continuously for a long time. You may not really get the best result through this process. On the other hand, you need to do interval cardio activities to get better results. This will entail that you do a little bit of running, a little bit of jogging or a little bit of cycling at intervals of some minutes. You are sure to burn off more unwanted fats in the process.

If you are performing crunches or sit ups in the process of getting rid of fats in your abdomen, the activity should not be done with low intensity. Instead, you have to exert yourself with more intensity so that the muscles of your abdomen will be toned up or strengthened readily. If you step up the intensity with which you perform abdomen-targeted exercises, in less than 3 weeks, you are sure of having a flat stomach.

Another system of exercising you must avoid in the process of getting a flat tummy is concentrating only on abdominal exercises. If you carry out workout on the entire body you will burn fats more quickly than ever. So, ensure that every part of your body is engaged in the workouts for a flat stomach.

You must also avoid exercising your body with gadgets and machines. Natural workouts without the aid of machines will help you to develop flesh muscles and burn body fats speedily.

These are some ways of doing fitness exercise you must avoid if you really want to get a flat stomach very quickly and fast.