Abdominal Workout Plan – How To Plan An Abdominal Exercise Routine For A Toned Flat Stomach

Perfectly toned abs is everybody’s dream. Be it men or women, everybody tries hard to flatten their stomach. The extent of achieving the target depends on your abdominal workout plan. It is very important to choose the right fitness plan.

Here are some ways to make your on exercising schedule in order to get toned and flat stomach:

* Ab workout machines: There are several exercising machines that would help you tone your abdomen. But it is important that you select the best one among them. You must be sure that it does not harm you in any way. Usually these machines are very expensive but Ab Circle Pro is an affordable machine that helps you with the right exercising techniques. Its instructional DVDs are very beneficial. It also assists you in preparing the apt diet plan through its handy manual.

* Exercises: Daily exercises are essential part of abdominal workout plan in order to get the toned abs. Combine the cardio drills and stretching exercises and you will get the benefits. You may try some very simple exercises at home for 20 minutes daily like the sit ups and crunches. These exercises do not require any special equipment. But you must be sure that you never miss them. Remember that you should not stress your body all of a sudden. Add 5 minutes to workout daily as you gain more & more stamina. Ideally the workouts must not be done less than three times in a week. You may chose to do these on the alternate days.

* Right diet: You must follow the right diet. Try to add plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your food. Avoid alcohol, smoke and sodas. Stay away from sugar and excess salt. Eat fiber rich foods. Stay away from fad diets as they won’t give you any effective benefits and would leave you surrounded by various ailments.

Tummy tuck and liposuction are other procedures that help you flatten your stomach but these must not be carried out without the consent of your physician. These are surgical measures and involve various complications. So, you must consult your doctor first.

The Benefits Of Proper Abdominal Exercises

Abdominal exercises are very popular among the health conscious people today. Most of them include a workout routine in their daily schedule either by doing exercises at home or joining a health club or gym. The goal of all the people is common; get a flat stomach or a six-pack abs. This can be achieved by doing abdominal exercises. These exercises help you to strengthen your muscles and give you a flat stomach that you have been dreaming of. A strong and healthy body will help you to increase your performance in any field. You can combat all kinds of chiropractic problems as well.

The abdomen is the most important part of your body. It has many muscles which are divided into groups. The hardest area on the body is the lower abdomen which is very difficult to firm up using the abdominal exercises. So while doing the exercises you have to give special importance to this area. You should also follow proper discipline and choose appropriate exercise to tone the abs. By working on the abdomen you can easily enhance your back and core. Your back becomes stronger and is less prone to injuries. Your posture will also be greatly improved.

The abdominal exercises help to relieve stress also. Stress is a dangerous situation because it can lead to anxiety and cause damage to your immune system too. By doing appropriate exercises you can easily overcome stress and other problems related to it. Conditions like obesity and heart disease can also be controlled to a great extent. If you have never been exercising before, you might find it slightly difficult in the beginning. But when you make these abdominal exercises a routing you will start feeling much better.

There are different ways in which you can start the abdominal exercises. You can either do them from your home or join any health club in your locality. By doing the workouts regularly you can start experiencing good health. The risk of getting diseases like heart disease, diabetes and hypertension will be lowered considerably. Problems related to blockages of digestive tract will also be improved.

One of the most important abdominal exercises is the crunch. It consists of simple movements. Lie down on your back and bent up your knees. Place your hands behind your head or cross over the chest. Contract your abdominal muscles and lift the top part of your torso off the ground. All the other abdominal exercises are just a variation of this exercise. So if you are new to workouts you need to master them properly.

If you want the workouts to be effective you have to include the abdominal exercises in your workout regime. If you want to get a perfect body without those ‘love handles’ then you may have to take more effort to firm your obliques. Oblique crunches and upper abs are very effective and provide you with visible results than any of the other abdominal exercises. Oblique crunch is similar to sit-up because instead of coming up straight you have to come up diagonally. This provides you with double impact than the traditional crunch. So choose a proper abdominal workout regime and get a healthy and perfect body.

Home Abdominal Workout – 5 Abdominal Exercises You Can Do While Watching TV

It’s no secret that most of us spend a lot of time in front of the TV. It has become the favorite pastime of people everywhere. Many fitness experts blame TV for causing people to not do enough physical activity. But just because you’re spending a lot of time watching your favorite shows doesn’t mean that you should become a couch potato. In fact, you can do a lot of physical activity while watching TV without missing a single scene. This is especially true for abdominal workouts. There are a number of simple yet effective abdominal exercises you can do in front of the Television, ensuring that you keep your stomach lean and still enjoy yourself.

Here are 5 abs exercises you can do while watching TV:

1. The knees to chest stomach crunch — Sit on the end of your couch and support yourself with your hands on the edge of the couch on both sides of your body. Raise your legs in the air and curl your knees as close to your chest as possible while exhaling. You’ll feel your abs straining. This is a great and effective exercise you can do at home. It’s an exercise for the lower abdominal area as well.

2. The Bicycle stomach exercise — Lie down on a rug facing the TV, hold the back of your head with both hands (just like in a regular sit up), and raise both legs slightly off the floor. Bring one knee and the opposite elbow as close together as possible, switch sides and repeat as in a cycling motion. Since you’re facing the TV, you won’t miss a single frame of the show you’re watching.

3. While sitting on the couch or sofa, crunch in your belly. Just tighten the abs muscles. Feel your stomach with your hand and see that it has become harder. By doing 20-30 repetitions of this simple exercise, you’re strengthening your abdominals and losing belly fat.

4. The basic crunch — Lie down on the rug. Curl both legs while keeping the soles firmly on the floor. Support the back of your head with both hands. Raise your torso towards your knees without lifting or shifting your legs. You’ll feel the abs working within a few repetitions. Keep your eyes on the screen of your TV set so you won’t miss anything.

5. The plank abdominal exercise — This is an exercise for commercial breaks since it’s the only one when your eyes aren’t on the TV. Stretch yourself face down on the rug. Clasp your hands together and raise yourself so you’re suspended over the rug with the tips of your feet at one end and your clasped hands at the other. Place both forearms on the floor with your clasped hands directly below your head. Keep your eyes downwards to avoid straining your neck. Keep your back straight and breathe regularly. Within 10-15 seconds you’ll feel your abdominals straining. Within 30-45 seconds it will be hard to maintain your position. 1 minute means that you’ve worked your abs exceptionally well. And now the commercial is over and you can return to the show you were watching.

You see, watching TV doesn’t mean you can’t do some exercise and even have great abdominals. Use these 5 exercises and be leaner.

Abdominal Exercise – Ab Workouts

There’s no doubting at all that working out the abdominal area requires a lot of willpower. Many people I talk to draw on negative experiences in the past, but more often than not this is due to the burn they feel in their stomach which simply means the exercise is working! If you keep persisting, you’ll find you will see results in no time at all.

People also constantly get themselves in trouble as they do the exercises incorrectly. This can cause pain in other areas of the body such as the back and knees, and in turn not do any benefit for your abs.

Here are some exercises I have found highly effective:

Vertical Crunch

The Vertical Crunch is a very effective way of working the whole abdominal exercise. It is quite demanding and can be considered an advanced exercise, but you will really see results if done correctly.
To do a vertical crunch:

1. Clasp your hands behind your head and lie on your back.

2. Lift your legs so they’re vertical and pointing to the ceiling.

3. Contract your abs which should result in your should blades lifting from the floor. This should create a “J” shape.

4. Lower and repeat for 15 reps.

The Plank Exercise

The Plank Exercise frequently ranks highly it studies or surveys done when it comes to ab exercises. As well as being a big benefit for the abs, it also strengthens the back.
To do the plank exercise:

1. Lie face down on the ground. You can use an exercise mat if you wish.

2. Place your elbows and forearms on the ground.

3. Keep your back flat while lifting up your weight with your arms. Don’t let your hips gravitate towards the ground.

4. Hold for 15 seconds, lower and repeat three times.

Abdominal Workout – The Importance Of Abdominal Exercises

The abdomen or stomach area of the body is of primary importance to people who are trying to not only improve their health, but also for the aesthetic effects of a toned, flat midriff. The abdominal (abs) workout will vary from trainer to trainer, so it is of utmost importance that you choose an expert who is extremely well versed in the explanation and teaching of abdominal exercises.

The reason for the development of an abdominal (abs) workout are legion. The foremost of these are of course, health reasons. It is now well known that waist measurement is a determinant with regard to the chances to develop. of heart disease. It has been shown that a male waist size of 40 inches or more and a female waist measurement of more than 36 inches, puts one at serious risk to develop heart disease.

Think about it for a minute. The abdomen is located right in the middle of the body. It is, if you will, the linchpin of your body. If it is strong, it goes to reason that the rest of the body will follow. The removal of stomach fat and the use of abdominal exercises will alleviate back problems and allow you to develop the necessary flexibility to further develop your exercise routine.

The abdominal (abs) workout should not be restricted to the traditional leg raises,crunches and sit-ups. The abdominal exercises programs which exist right now are much more sophisticated and efficient and allow for a much quicker development of the abdominals.

When evaluating the abdominal (abs) workout programs keep track of the following :

1. the extreme importance of diet

2.the variety of exercises (as noted above, not just the traditional abdominal exercises)

3.the importance of the number of sets and the the intervening rest period

4.the importance of cardio, especially with regard to the warm-up

The most important thing that the program will tell you is that it is impossible to lose stomach fat strictly by embarking upon an abdominal exercises routine. It should emphasize that the fat must be lost before you can start developing those washboard abs.