Five Most Effective Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Unfortunately, in reality there is no magic pill for you to get rid of that bulging tummy. In order to flatten and make it look better, you really have to exert yourself by modifying your diet and performing exercises to lose belly fat. Since between the two, exercising is a bit more challenging, this article will discuss about some effective exercises that can help you attain those flat abs you have long been dreaming of.

As you want to get rid of the fat in your mid section, what you primarily have to do is exercise your stomach muscles. Yes, your stomach has muscles, it’s not all intestines! You have to focus on this muscle group so you can strengthen your core and get rid of unsightly flab.

Performing stomach workouts are not only good for the tummy but the whole abdominal area. Of course, there are some techniques which specifically strengthen the upper or lower abdominal muscles, but often, the exercises benefit the whole area.

When you start doing stomach exercises, you have to stick with a productive schedule. Remember that frequency is more important than intensity. You should aim to workout on a regular basis. Start slow and build your repetitions as you feel comfortable to do so.

Five of the best exercises to lose belly fat are the following:

• Crunches – Lay on your back with your knees bent. Then, lift your shoulders off the floor. Make sure that your ribs are towards your hips.

• Leg raise – You can do both single and double leg raises. The former only involves raising one leg from the floor after the other, while the latter is raising both legs at the same time. These exercises are great for the lower abs.

• Reverse curl – Lay on your back and bend your knees towards the direction of your chest. Make sure that you keep your hips on the floor as you contract your abdominal muscles. This is just like doing crunches in reverse but instead of lifting your shoulders off, you crunch your lower torso instead.

• Plank – Position yourself for a pushup and then hold it. If you have a mirror to check your reflection on, you need to ensure that your body is looking like one long and straight plank from the head to the toes.

• Twist – Sit up straight and put a stick across the back of your shoulders. Then, twist from one side to the other. After twisting, you can do bends too. Both can help you get rid of unwanted tummy fats.

These are five of the most effective exercises to lose belly fat. Again, remember that there is no magic solution for your bulging tummy. If you want to have a better shape tomorrow, start exercising! If you don’t, then that’s a day longer away from your goals.

How To Exercise To Lose Belly Fat Fast!

There are so many mistakes people make when they wonder how to exercise to lose belly fat fast. Some assume sit-ups will do the trick, others assume starvation and jogging are the answer. Well many exercises do help to lose belly fat, but they are used incorrectly and cause more harm than good in addition to taking way to long to see results. This article will explain of several effective ways you can exercise to lose belly fat fast.

When it comes to belly fat, there are 4 specific exercises which gives the best results. They are swimming, jogging, doing sit-ups and hanging from a pull-up pole and lifting your legs in a 90 degree several times. Each exercise targets the belly fat in your body and hit’s it hard. One of the main reasons so many people fail to lose belly fat through exercise is because they do 1 type of workout day after day. But the fact is, belly fat is extremely hard to get rid of through a simple exercise. This is why the above 4 exercises must be used together to quadruple the effect of fat burning!

It doesn’t take a fitness expert to understand that the more exercises you do, the more muscles you train. So how do you implement the 4 workouts above in a correct order? Well first off, the key to success is not to overdo anything. Most people push themselves too hard thinking the more they do will equal to the more fat they burn. And even though this is true, the problem is their body isn’t used to being pushed so hard, so fast and as a result you will hurt yourself.

The key to implementing the above 4 exercises is doing them in different sets. For example if you go to the gym, warm up with a couple of stretches, then swim a few laps around the pool (don’t overdo it, you should feel comfortable and as soon as you feel you’ve had enough, take a break), then after swimming, take a 5-10 minute break and do sit-ups. Now hanging from a pole and lifting your legs up 90 degrees is the most difficult exercise out of the 4, but it is also the one which gets the job done quickly.

There is no specific order of exercises you should plan out. The most important thing when doing these exercises is to pace yourself, take short breaks and slowly increase the number of times you do each exercise. For example, increase the number of sit-ups by 5-10 every week. JUST DON’T OVERDO IT!

Some of the most successful muscle builders and people who have gotten rid of belly fat through exercise are the ones who paced themselves and took it one step a time, not the ones who tried to take the fast route. In addition keeping a pace helps your body get used to the workout, making it easier to accomplish the more you do it.

These 4 exercises used together all play their part in helping get rid of belly fat. Swimming for example burns all the fat in your body. Jogging helps increase metabolism. Sit-ups burn the fat in the belly as does the 4th exercise where you raise your legs 90 degrees. When added together and done on a daily bases (or at least 3-4 times a week) getting rid of belly fat is not a difficult feat. So if you’re still wondering how to exercise to lose belly fat, then these 4 workouts are the way to go.

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat Quickly!

Here are some of the best exercises to reduce belly fat quickly. Some are hard, some are easy. They’re all simple. If you want to say BYE-BYE to belly fat, then this article is what you need… whether you like it or not!

Best Exercises to Reduce Belly Fat

1. Isometric “suck in your belly” vacuum pose

Don’t think such exercises like sit ups and crucnhes are good for your abs. They have their place, but if you want to get rid of fat, they are useless since they only deal with the abdominal muscles.

Instead, the vauum pose goes deeper into the structure of your abdominal wall. It actually shrinks it. All you do is suck in your lower belly and hold it for 15-25 seconds. Rest and repeat it often… for up to 5 minutes a day. 10 minutes is even better.

I have hundreds of clients who lose 1.5 up to 3 inches from their bellies just doing this. Nothing else! So try it out and see for yourself.

2. Isometric Plank

This is another great exercise that nobody is doing. Get on your hands and knees. Now spread your legs out like you’re in pushup position. Now get on your forearms. So only your forearms and toes are touching the ground.


Now stay in that position for as long as possible. It’s called the plank because you look like a plank. Do this for a few minutes each day.

3. Ab Wheel

Those crazy ab wheels actually work. Why people made fun of them, I don’t know. But all fitness professionals swear by them. Just go buy one and start rolling it out in front of you. I suggest you do 10-20 reps each day for best results.

There you go. I gave it to you short, sweet, and concise. Those are 3 of the best exercises to reduce belly fat quickly.

What Exercise Burns The Most Belly Fat?

Do you really want to know what exercise burns the most belly fat? So you look in the mirror and see bulges beneath your shirt. You look at the TV and it’s showing you lean, fabulous bodies. You wonder what exercise they did to make them look that good. What exercise burns the most belly fat? You’ve tried dieting and everyone knows they don’t really work for you as well as it should. Well, here is the answer you’ve been looking for. Soo… what exercise burns the most belly fat?

There is no one exercise that will burn your fat right away. A lot of research has confirmed this.Well what are these two kinds of exercise? First off, what cardio or aerobic exercise will burn the most belly fat? Actually, any cardio workout will burn your belly fat as long as you do it properly, frequently, and at a high intensity. What exercise burns the most belly fat but not get you sweaty or tired?

There is no such exercise! So you need to make sure that your cardio workout is done daily (as much as possible), 20-30 minutes a day and it is a high intensity workout – it’s not just walking around the block at a steady or (don’t even think about it) a slow pace. Some examples are aerobic dancing, swimming, and running.

One of these can be your high intensity cardio workout. Of course, it doesn’t have to be something you have to force yourself to do. You can choose something that’s fun so you don’t have to think of it as a workout while you’re doing it. Think about it. What exercise burns the most fat AND is a lot of fun to do?

This will all depend on you but I’m sure you’ll think of something. There are lots of other choices out there. Now, what other exercise burns the most belly you ask? It’s strength training or weight training as it’s sometimes called. What does strength training have to do with burning belly fat? Aside from supporting your cardio workouts by burning calories, it will also keep your metabolism elevated. Why is this important? Keeping your metabolism elevated will help you burn more of that belly fat while making sure you don’t gain any more fat than what you’re already trying to lose. There are some specific strength training exercises that you do need to do if you’re only targeting your abs. You’ll need to do abdominal exercises such as ab crunches, leg lifts, and torso twists, to name a few.

Now that you know what exercise burns the most fat, you can get started on it today. Just make sure that you supplement your exercise program with a healthy diet and lots of sleep. Weeks from now, you’ll look in the mirror.

Effective Exercises That Burn Belly Fat

The reason why so many people fail at losing those last 10-15 pounds of belly fat, is that they do not know what are effective exercises that burn belly fat and they still think that doing thousands of crunches a day will help them lose belly fat. But the truth is that abdominal exercise do not burn fat, they only make you abs stronger. The only way how you can burn belly is with hardcore aerobic exercise and also weight training exercises of course. But in this article, I will focus more on aerobic exercises.

Effective exercises that burn belly fat

  • Running is the easiest way to start burning belly fat. You do not need any special equipment, all you need is a pair of running shoes. And running is also a very effective calorie burning exercise, because it incorporates each and every muscle group into the movement. For people who are seriously overweight and in bad shape, then slight jogging or brisk walking works very well. But your workout has to be at least 20-25 minutes long, if you are brisk walking then 45-60 minutes.

  • Biking is also a very good option to burn belly fat. And you do it indoors on a stationary bike or outdoors. If your goal is to burn fat, then it is better to use a stationary bike, because people tend to slack off on a regular bike. Always pay close attention to your pulse and the amount of calories you burn. Your workout should be at least 25-30 minutes long and relatively intense.

  • Rowing on a indoor rowing machine is the one of the most effective workouts to burn belly fat. You can burn a lot more calories with rowing then you would with jogging or biking. The problem with rowing is that, this is a very hard exercise, so some people are unable to row for 15-20 minutes. But if you want to burn fat fast then your workout has to be at least 20 minutes long.

  • But you can combine all three exercises to one workout. You can start with a 10 minute jog on the treadmill, followed by 10-15 minutes of biking and finally doing 10 minutes of rowing. If you push yourself hard during each workout then you will burn a massive amount of calories. For example if you burn 300 calories during a workout and you workout 4 times a week, then you would burn 1200 calories a week. The better you get the more calories you are able to burn.

Best Workout to Burn Belly Fat

No one wants belly fat, but you can easily get rid of it with the right type of workout. Of course, you know that belly fat is the worst type of fat to have for both health and appearance. All you need to do is increase the intensity of your cardio to burn fat faster and your belly fat will disappear quickly.

You probably think, no way is it easy to get rid of belly fat. I’ve been trying for months with my cardio program and low-calorie diet, and I’m not getting results.

Unfortunately, I’m not surprised!

You see, slow cardio is over-rated for fat burning. You need to forget about calories burned during a workout and focus on post-exercise metabolism.

We just don’t have 6-8 hours per week for exercise, nor do we need it. If you’re a triathlete, you might need that, but not someone that just wants to lose fat and gain muscle.

Having said all that, the bottom line for getting a better body is…

Strength training followed by interval training. You should use bodyweight exercises for a warmup, then pick 2-4 strength exercises to work your total body, and then do a short interval cardio session – no need for bodybuilding programs or marathon cardio training.

Compare that to what most people do, which is run, jog, cycle or use the cardio machines for 45 minutes straight. Sure, that will burn calories, but it doesn’t build a better body. It might even leave you hurt!

So if you want to burn belly fat fast, drop the slow cardio and try interval training. Use strength training to sculpt your body and boost your metabolism. You’ll be shocked at the results from this new way of training to burn fat and lose that belly!