Lower Abdominal Exercises That Work!

Having a flat stomach and a set of six-pack abs isn’t just for looks anymore. There are benefits like feeling better and being healthier that goes along with a trim tummy. While you must exercise in order to achieve these dream abdominals there is also the factor of eating right and losing excess body fat to achieve this goal. The layer of fat above the stomach has to be reduced to allow the ab muscles to show clearly.

All of the lower ab exercises in the world will not make any difference without a proper diet and loss of excess body fat. The success of achieving a set of six pack abs is up to eighty percent dependent upon a proper diet. With lower ab exercises there must be a balance achieved between building these muscles and straining these muscles. This balance is hard for many to achieve.

Leg lifts are a popular form of lower ab exercises that are often done incorrectly. When beginning to do leg lifts you should be completely flat. The legs should be together and lifted to an angle of forty-five degrees. Once at this forty-five degree angle you should hold the legs at this angle for a count of twenty. Lower the legs, rest for ten seconds and pull them up again for another count, only this time just count to fifteen. One more time take a rest and bring them back up and count to ten or until you can’t keep them at the forty-five degree angle any longer.

A variation on the leg lift is the vertical leg lift. While you will still remain flat on your back, the legs are lifted until your toes are pointed to the ceiling. Place your hand, palms down under your butt to hold your balance. Now for the hard part, using the lower ab muscles lift, rollup onto your arms and upper back by lifting your pelvis and extending your toes as far as you can towards the ceiling while keeping your legs straight. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat. Leg lifts are beneficial in the loss of fat as well. Short sets with the legs being held for a shorter period help to achieve this goal.

If you don’t care for sit ups as long as you are over thirty you have nothing to worry to about, it is suggested that you no longer perform these exercises. Gravity related exercises will have a better effect for you. Instead it is far better to perform exercises related to gravity. There are machines available to hold you in an upright position and keep the feet from touching the ground. While you are in this position bring the legs to the chest, hold then release. The back should be kept straight during this to avoid placing strain on the hips and lower portion of the back.

Should any pain occur in the back you should stop the lower ab exercises as this is an indicator of damage occurring to the back itself. Different lower ab exercises will work differently for different people. Regardless of the amount of lower ab exercises that are done they will be ineffective without the loss of additional body fat.

Belly Weight – How to Lose Belly Weight

Finding it hard to lose belly weight? Even when you’ve lost a lot of weight, belly weight can be one of the hardest parts to finally reduce. It’s commonly known as brown fat the surrounds your abdominal muscles and is the first type of fat to increase, and normally the hardest and last type of fat to reduce. Here is the fastest way how to lose that belly weight.

“Abdominal muscles are made in the kitchen!”

Have heard that phrase before? If you haven’t, it is true. We all have abdominal muscles that form the core of our bodies, however it’s that layer of fat that surrounds them that cover our abs up. Fortunately for us we have the option to choose the right foods, that help burn the fat around our bodies and including our belly weight, so eating right is the number one step.

Eating whole foods is the key! What do I mean by whole foods? Well if it hasn’t been processed and doesn’t contain a label that contains more than 1 ingredient on it, it’s whole. Fruit, vegetables, lean meats, fish, seeds, nuts, and wholegrains (e.g. rice, oatmeal) should be the staple of your diet. These foods BURN FAT faster. Why? Because they keep you feeling fuller longer, they keep your blood sugar level more stable, and they contain the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to help cleanse your system of toxins and repair body tissue and muscle, which increases your metabolism.

Drinking water is also vital. Many people talk about water retention, that causes weight gain, so they may think that drinking less water is the answer. They couldn’t be more wrong. Water is kept in the system if the body detects that there is not enough water in it, so it stores it for energy, along with waste products. Drinking at least 2 litres of fresh water per day will flush your system of excess water and waste, help clear toxins that cause belly weight and keep you hydrated and alert.

Tip: If your thirsty, it’s too late, so continue to sip on a filled up 2 litre bottle of water through out the day.

Losing belly weight can be harder, if you neglect your diet and nutrition so make sure your choose the right diet. Also, add exercise to your plan 3-6 times per week, depending on your schedule and goals and you will lose that belly weight fast.

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How Do I Lose Weight in My Stomach Fast?

People often ask a variety of questions regarding weight loss, one of those most often asked being ‘how do I lose weight in my stomach fast.’ They generally want to lose stomach fat for a particular occasion; hence the need for wanting to do it fast, yet this is one of the more difficult places to lose fat and also one of the areas where excessive fat deposits can be most dangerous.

Fat around the midriff can be extremely dangerous to the heart and vital organs, and excessive stomach fat can also be indicative of stubborn hard fat deposits around the vital organs such as the liver and kidneys. If there is anywhere you should work hard to remove fat it is here.

When targeting any area for fat loss, it is essential that the specific area must be subject to exercise in order to get the blood flowing through the tissues. First, however, you must make sure that your calorie or energy expenditure exceeds that taken in by your diet so that your overall energy balance is negative. In this way, you will tend to lose weight generally and by exercise you can then target your stomach.

It is very difficult to lose stomach fat fast, because any weight loss that lasts is a relatively slow process. However, here are some tips about how you can lose weight in your stomach as fast as possible without endangering your health.

BMR, TDEE and the Harris Benedict Equation

First, eat fewer calories than you use up. To achieve this you should understand your basal metabolic rate (BMR), and also if possible, your total daily energy expenditure. There are formulae enabling you to work this out, and your BMR can calculated thus:

For women: BMR = 655 + (4.7 x Height) + (4.35 x Wt) – (4.7 x age) For men: BMR = 66 + (12.7 x Height) + (6.23 x Wt) – (6.8 x age)

Height is in inches, Weight is in pounds and age is in years.

Thus, for a 35 year old woman, 5ft 5 in tall and weighing 119 lb her BMR is 1313.65. That means that she will use up around 1314 calories while at rest, for example sleeping. To find her total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), the Harris Benedict equation can be used for a rough approximation, good enough for practical purposes. For a lightly active person, taking moderate exercise or sports 1-3 times weekly, the equation gives the TDEE to be BMR x 1.375, in this case 1313.65 x 1.375 or 1806 calories.

That means that this woman needs 1806 calories in her diet to meet her normal daily needs. In order to lose weight, then, she must either eat fewer calories than that or exercise more. Calorie charts for exercise and food intake can be used along with the TDEE to balance diet with exercise so that she has a net excess of energy and therefore she should lose weight.

However, when applied to you, there are two additional things you can do to lose weight in your stomach as fast as possible.

1. Exercise the Correct Muscle Groups

Not only eat fewer calories than you use, but exercise your tummy muscles. That way you can target that area for weight loss. By doing sit ups, twists and other stomach exercises, you will certainly work the muscles in the area where you want to lose weight, but will not only lose weight there. You will also lose weight in general, although your middle should lose a bit more fat than average.

2. Increase Your Metabolism

The above calculation uses a few different factors, but one is your metabolic rate. You can increase that, and so increase the calories you use up while at rest, by building up your muscle mass. That needn’t just be your tummy muscles to be effective, but can be any muscle groups. Muscle tissue needs more energy to maintain than fat tissue, and so the more muscle you build then the easier it will be for you to lose weight in general and tummy fat in particular.

Therefore, in order to lose weight in your stomach fast, you should expend as much more energy than your TDEE as possible, maintain a diet as low in calories over this period as possible, exercise your stomach muscles, and also eat a high protein diet supplemented with highly colored fruits and vegetables for nutrition.

By doing this you will a) lose weight generally, b) lose weight specifically in your stomach area, c) build muscle tissue from the amino acids in the protein diet, and c) maintain a strong immune system and healthy biochemistry by eating or drinking the nutrition contained in the fruits and vegetables (the more highly colored they are the more antioxidants and anti-inflammatories they contain).

That is how I lose weight in my stomach fast, and there’s no reason why you cannot do the same. Fasting once a day two or three times each month will accelerate the desired fat loss.

How To Lose Stomach Fat – Five Foods To Help You Get A Flat Tummy

You need to do two things to lose stomach fat: eat the right foods and do regular exercise. While the two go hand in hand, eating the right foods will have the most impact initially. Listed below are five foods that will help you to get a flat tummy.

  1. Oatmeal is a very good source of fiber and a great way to start the day. The fiber makes you feel fuller, so you will not be looking for food again for a while. It also helps get rid of the toxins in your body by proper elimination, which helps you lose weight and protects you against colon cancer. Because it lowers cholesterol it helps fight heart disease.
  2. All berries are good for your body and you need to include them in your diet. They are a source of energy and nutrients. Because some of them are high in antioxidants – blueberries and cranberries – they strengthen your immune system, which helps your body fight disease. In addition to that they are low in calories. This means you are getting your energy from good food that will not put on weight.
  3. Avocado has been described as a ‘whole food’ because it is so full of goodness you could live of it. It is rich in fats but they are good fats. It also contains a high percentage of potassium, which helps control blood pressure.
  4. Grass fed bison is one of the best forms of protein because it contains a high percentage of omega-3 fatty acids, but without the heavy metals that can be found in some fish. Protein is important, as the body has to work to digest it. In the process it burns calories, which means just by eating protein you can lose weight. Other good sources of protein are lean beef and lamb, chicken, eggs and fish.
  5. Most nuts are high in energy and are another source of protein. Walnuts are especially beneficial because they have a high concentrate of omega-3. The protein will help you lose stomach fat and the omega-3 fatty acids will help protect your heart. Try to include them in your daily diet – they can be handy as snacks, rather than cookies or candy.

This is a short list of some of the good foods you can eat to help get a flat tummy. Where you can, use fresh foods that require preparation like lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. Processed, ready to eat foods often have very poor nutritional value. In addition to that, many are cooked in trans fats, which are bad for your heart and will add to your stomach fat. If you follow these guidelines you will be healthier, feel more energetic and gradually lose your stomach fat,

6 Best Ways For Successful Abdominal Workouts

Abdominal workouts need more concentration and muscle stress than other exercises. That is why many people face difficulties while performing abdominal workouts correctly. As a result, they start cheating by using other muscles, which helps them to lower the stress on the muscles. Few people also frequently try to perform lower abs workouts that are above their ability level and as a result not able to use the right abs muscles during the exercises.

Many people knows only one or two exercises for getting a good abdominal workout and they overdo it. But in real getting a six pack abs is really easy with proper exercises and good diet plan. The Tips bellow will help you to accelerate the effectiveness of abdominal workouts:

1. Breathing while performing. Concentrate on your inhale/exhale movement while performing abdominal workouts. Always take deeper inhaling while performing the exercises. Inhale when your muscles are stretching, Exhale when your muscles are stressing.

2. Control your workout reps. Always do your abdominal exercises in a slow and controller manner. When you do your abdominal exercises quickly, you are losing stress control on your abdominal muscles and minimizing the effectiveness of the exercise. More, you are also increasing the stress on other muscles which can commonly result in jerky or erratic movements.

3. Feel the abdominal muscles. While working on any abdominal exercises you should feel the pressure on the abdominal muscles. If you do not feel the stress on your muscles and feel it on other muscles, stop the exercise. When your muscle get tired, it is almost very hard to feel them working, so stop the exercise and rest.

4. Increase reps and sets. While working on your workout plan, if you can easily perform 5-10 quality reps, you should increase reps or sets of that exercise. That will help you more rather than doing other more difficult exercise.

5. Take care of back pain. When you are working on your abdominal workouts, you should never get back pain. If you feel that, it signs that either your stomach muscles are not strong enough to complete the exercise or you are doing it in wrong way. In both case, stop immediately and consult your coach or physiotherapy.

6. Perform quality abdominal workout. In general, people only check how many reps they are doing while performing the most difficult workouts. Remember, do the reps in slow and control motion. That will give you more benefits from the exercise.

Remember, you can get best result when you do the exercises in proper way and follow the diet plan.

Flat Stomach Exercise – Simple & Effective Exercises For a Flat Stomach

If you ask most people what is the one part of their body that they would like to change, most of the time the answer would be their belly. Getting rid of belly fat seems to be one of the most problematic areas that people struggle with when dieting and exercising. The truth is both diet and exercise is needed to get that perfect flat stomach so this article will look at the most effective exercises for achieving that goal.

To get a flat stomach you need to lose the fat that is covering your stomach muscles. That means that you’ll need to combine both cardio to lose that fat and strength exercises to help tone the area if you want the best chances of success. Unfortunately just doing 200 crunches a day isn’t enough – you need to work on losing the fat as well.

It has actually been shown that the best exercise for getting a flat stomach is jogging. Jogging or any other cardio exercise will help burn the fat all over your body including your stomach area.

If you’ve only been doing crunches or other stomach exercises and not seeing any significant results, it is probably because you need to lose the weight first. You can’t tone fat – you have to get rid of it.

Get started by committing to some cardio exercises four times a week for at least thirty minutes each session. You need to increase your heart rate to burn excess calories and start losing weight. Increasing your heart rate also boosts your metabolism to help with calorie burning.

Once you are losing weight, then you can work on your stomach exercises to get that ‘six pack’ ripped look.

You don’t need to do hundreds of crunches to see a difference; in fact any exercise that contracts the muscles around your middle will be effective in toning up that area. Choose your favorite and repeat the exercise 10 to 15 times a day.

Another effective way to expand and contract the stomach is to suck your gut in. Exhale while pulling your gut in and hold for about 20 seconds. The slower release as you inhale. The beauty about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere: at home, at work or even on the bus.

As you can see it takes more than just sit-ups to get a flat stomach, you need to focus on first losing the belly fat and then toning up your muscles. Moderate exercise combined with a healthy diet is the fastest way to get perfect abs.

The Best Exercises To Help Burn Belly Fat

Instead of resorting to harsh methods to lose weight like starving yourself, you can chose a much more effective way like for example incorporating an exercise routine. As you may already know, exercise is one of the best ways to get rid of extra fat in your body. You cannot expect to get rid of all the extra fat in your body if you do not stick to the right nutrition. Even when in comes to exercise, you need to ensure that you have chosen the best exercise that will effectively help you lose belly fat.

Why exercise is so important

It’s important to understand that exercise plays a big role in weight loss. This is because when you exercise your body is kept busy and you are continuously burning calories. If you are able to burn more calories than you are consuming you will maintain a good balance in your body. Below are some of the best exercises you can do to help burn fat around the belly or abdominal area.

Here are the top 3 exercises to burn belly fat

All these exercises are simple and easy to perform. You do not require any specialized gym equipment in order to perform these exercises. Some of the best exercises to lose belly fat are:

1. Ride a bicycle. First you will need to get a hold of a bicycle. Riding a bike can help you lose a lot of weight and also double as a great and fun way to exercise. Riding a bicycle will also help you build six pack muscles as it works not only the legs but also the core abdominal muscles. The peddling muscle movement and the process of bending your body will help to burn calories. A stationary bike is also good if you prefer staying indoors. If you have the budget for it then sign up for a RPM class.

2. Another good exercise to burn belly fat is the ball crunch. A ball crunch is basically doing a sit up but lying on the ball. This exercise will also help you to stabilize your core and strengthen your abdominal muscles. Cross our arms over your chest or place them behind your neck for support (if you find that your necks starts to hurt). Then lift your shoulders up but contract your abs and keep the ball stable. Repeat this for at least 10 times if you can and do three repetitions of ten. If you can’t then just work towards 10 at your own pace.

3. Pick a sport, any sport! By choosing a sport that you like you’ll not only burn calories but will have a lot of fun. Commit yourself to a sport or sports and make sure you do it regularly. There’s no point in going all out for a month and then not continuing it ever. Any form of movement will burn calories so pick up a sport and stick to it.

Weight in Stomach – How to Lose Fat in Your Belly

Due to processed foods, the general population of the United States is growing fatter. One of the most obvious places where weight shows up is in the stomach. Both men and women have weight-in-stomach fat. For men, the stomach is the last place where they usually lose weight. Women have trouble losing in the legs and hips. Regardless, there are some necessary steps involved in losing stomach fat. But ultimately it involves losing weight as well.

For starters, dieting is one of the best ways to lose weight-in-stomach fat. You must first determine how many calories you are supposed to consume a day and cut back. The key is to cut back on your fat intake. There are labels on most foods today. If you make a conscious effort to cut your fat consumption in half, you will start losing weight. Greater results can be achieved by consuming less fat.

Besides cutting calories and fat intake, it is necessary to stop eating late at night. You need to eat your last meal or snack at least about three hours before you go to bed. Those extra calories you eat at night will be hard to burn off.

Foods high in carbohydrates should be eaten earlier in the day and not at night. Carbohydrates give you energy to get through your day. You do not need them before you go to bed. Look at the labels on the foods or snacks you eat. Cookies and potato chips are high in carbohydrates. If you must have a snack at night, find low-fat substitutes. Otherwise, cut them out.

Eighty percent of what you look like is a direct result of your diet. People who have endomorphic builds (naturally heavy people) will need to work harder at eliminating weight-in-stomach fat. But they can still see great progress through dieting alone.

Anyone who wants to start losing stomach fat quickly needs to start exercising. Don’t fall for all those phony tummy-reducer products on the market. You do not lose stomach fat just by doing sit-ups or crunches. These exercises can help displace fat, but you also must burn the excess fat off through aerobics or cardiovascular exercise.

Join a gym if you can. They have a ton of equipment. Start lifting weights and build your muscles for a more athletic physique. To help with fat-burning, start out on the incumbent or stationary bikes, especially if you have never worked out before. Start slowly. Later, you can start using the treadmill.

If you don’t have a gym membership or don’t have time to join one, you can walk in the evenings. A nightly walk at a decent pace can really help you burn fat. You can also peruse the classified ads for used stationary bikes. You don’t need to have an electronic one.

Make diet an exercise a way of life. Don’t be like countless others who gain it back. Develop good eating habits. Eat foods high in protein and low in fat. Eliminate some of the breads from your diet. Eat foods like rice, chicken, tuna and lots of vegetables. And cut back on high calorie beer.

3 Amazing Flat Belly Exercises That Most People Don’t Know About

If you want to discover 3 flat belly exercises which can work your abs muscles and other body parts at the same time, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. One of the best ways to work the stomach muscles is to do resistance training of other body parts with exercises which work the belly indirectly.

What do I mean by working the stomach indirectly? With each exercise, you have the main muscles and you have supporting muscles. for instance, when you do push-ups, you’re mostly working your pecs, but your shoulder muscles and triceps serve as supporting muscles and also get pumped. The stomach serves as a supporting muscle for many exercises. Doing these exercises means that you’re flattening your belly at the same time that you’re working other body parts. And it’s often more effective than doing traditional stomach workouts.

Here are 3 exercises for a flat belly which I urge you to begin doing today:

1. Pull ups – the pull up is a massive exercise. It mostly works the back muscles, but if you ask a friend to place his or her hand on your abs while you’re doing it, they’ll report that it’s hard as steel. That’s because the abs are straining like crazy. Even doing 5 pull ups is more of a flat belly exercise than 50 sit ups. And yes, even women can do this exercise.

2. Push ups – When you’re doing push ups you need to make sure that your stomach is tucked in. In that way, your abs are working hard all through the push ups. Regardless of the type of push up that you do: horizontal, elevated, or counter elevated, the stomach is still working. Push ups work your entire upper body and they’re a great exercise to flatten your belly.

3. Pull down – this is performed by pulling down the pulley cable and is really a softer version of the pull up (yes I know it sounds weird but they do similar things). When you pull the cable down from above your head down to your waist, you upper body goes through a complete extension which means that your belly muscles are straining. Again, the belly serves a supporting role, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not straining.

Do these 3 flat belly exercises and you will see results throughout your upper body, not just your abs.

Abdominal Muscle Exercises – Learn How To Get Rid of Abdominal Fat Today

Abdominal muscles exercises are the most sought exercises inside and outside the gym because everybody is in dire need to get the flattest abdominals that reflects a flat stomach. It is true that our society today is becoming beauty and health conscious. As a result, there has been an increase focus on exercises and fitness programs which pave the way of the demands and fascination from the exercises in abdominal muscles.

Our abdominal muscles are mainly located between the ribs and hip bone and in front of the body. They works to support the upper body, allow movement and contraction and to hold vital organs on a proper place by regulating pressure from the abdomen. Our abdominal muscles have different vital works under the body and cannot be seen by the naked eye. When you are extremely obese, fats can accumulate in the abdomen, and fats can cover the muscles which then can give you an abdominal fat. In this case, even if you have the best and great muscles in the abdomen, it is useless when covered with fats.

Abdominal exercises or ab workouts are focusing on the abdominal muscles, doing it properly can help you tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles, but when incorrectly done, it may result to unnecessary strain on the back and other muscles of the body.

Spot Reduction? Oh No!

There is no such things as spot reduction for fats, so never believe any equipment that promise to decrease fat around the tummy. Abdominal exercises cannot reduce fat, it will train your abdominal muscles while leaving layers of fat in the abdomen unchanged. Even if you do thousands of crunches and sit-ups, fat will not reduce especially when you have extreme fat accumulation around the tummy, and take note, muscles are lying under the fats, so muscles are evidently seen when fats are gone, and spot reduction is the ways. Diet and combination of exercises are always the best choice.

The Flat-Stomach Myth:

Being obsessed with a flat abdominal area can lead you to frustration, anxiety and even some eating disorders which are not at all healthy. The truth about flat stomach is that it cannot be possible to achieve. In the first place, our abdominal muscles are not designed to be flat. It will always be rounded and not flat and your gender, age and genetics can greatly affect the size and shape of our abdominals.

Again, abdominal muscles exercises are not meant to flatten your tummy, it just strengthen the muscles and building ab muscles little by little. It also allows proper function of the abdominal muscles. Now, when you decide to add exercises for your abdominal muscles in your exercise program, you have to take precaution in choosing such exercises because they can be straining and dangerous to the body.

Tips Before The Exercise…

  • A proper warm-up before starting the abdominal muscles exercises for 15 minutes is important to prevent muscle strain.
  • Use an exercise mat when exercising to ensure back safety.
  • Do the exercises regularly for proper strength training and to build your ab muscles.
  • Always bring a towel while exercising to swipe off the sweat.
  • If you are a beginner and would want to do abdominal exercises using gym equipment, ask for an assistant by a gym instructor for proper usage.

The Bicycle maneuver or the TWISTING CRUNCH

  • Lie flat on the floor with your back pressed against the ground.
  • Place your hands behind the head and bring your knees as much as possible in a 45-degree angle and slowly do a bicycle pedal motion.
  • As you do the pedaling, twist the upper body and trunk by allowing left elbow to touch your right knee, then right elbow to left knee.
  • Perform the exercise in a slow and controlled manner as possible.

Captain’s Chair

This is one of the most effective exercises for muscles but the most difficult as it stabilizes upper body. This exercise is contraindicated to lower back problems or for a beginner.

  • Sit upright on a chair while legs dangling from the chair.
  • Slowly, lift knees up going towards the chest and hold in that position for a few seconds.
  • Lowered the knees and get back to the starting position and repeat.

Crunch on Exercise Ball

In choosing an exercise ball for you, you must be able to sit on it and your knees bent and soles of feet resting on the floor.

  • Roll the ball slowly and lie on the ball with your back until your thighs and chest are parallel with each other.
  • Placed arms across the chest and chin down to the chest.
  • As you contract your abdominal muscles, raise your chest at least 45 degrees angle.
  • To make the exercise easier for you, spread you legs and feet wider apart for total support while lying on the ball.
  • Repeat many steps as you can.

Among other crunches, these two are known to be the most effective and the safest abdominal muscles exercises that can be done either at home or in the gym.

Vertical Crunch

  • Lie flat on the floor with your back pressed against the ground.
  • Place your hands behind your head for proper support.
  • Slowly raise your crossed legs at the ankles with a slight bend in the knee.
  • Now, as you contract your abdominal muscles, lift your upper body toward your knees and then lower down.
  • Do as many steps as possible.

Reverse Crunch

  • Lie flat on the floor with your lower back pressed against the floor.
  • Place hands beside your head or place then flat on your sides (whatever you feel the most comfortable).
  • Cross your feet at the ankles and then slowly lift your feet from the floor up to a 90-degree angle.
  • Once you are stable and comfortable in this position, press your lower back on the floor and contract your abdominal muscles as you move down the crossed legs few inches from the floor and then up and down again. Make sure feet are not touching on the floor during the exercise.