3 Flat Belly Cardio Exercises to Get You a Flat Stomach Fast

One of the ways to get a flat belly is to engage in rigorous cardio activity. But some kinds of cardio are better than others for this purpose and that is what this article is about: flat belly cardio exercises.

3 cardio exercises for a flat belly

1. Running – We all know this cardio activity which is a great exercise for a flat belly. The reason is that our stomach is naturally tucked in while we run (especially during sprinting) so that besides the benefit of calorie burning and fitness enhancement, your stomach muscles are also working in each second in which you run. This means that your developing your abs muscles while you’re running.

2. Swimming – When you’re swimming, your stomach muscles are again working since you have to keep yourself balanced in the water. Again, you’re getting a great cardio workout, but you’re also working out your abdominal muscles. Swimming is an excellent flat stomach and upper body exercise since it works the entire upper body muscles.

3. Jumping rope – Jumping rope is a special cardio workout since it’s usually done for a very short period. However, jumping rope is massive cardio and flat belly exercise. When you jump rope, your stomach is held in firmly and is developing as you jump. Just so you’ll know, jumping rope is a massive workout and burns a lot of calories in a very short time.

Make these 3 exercises for a flat stomach a part of your workout routine and you’ll see an improvement in the appearance of your stomach.

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