3 Amazing Flat Belly Exercises That Most People Don’t Know About

If you want to discover 3 flat belly exercises which can work your abs muscles and other body parts at the same time, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. One of the best ways to work the stomach muscles is to do resistance training of other body parts with exercises which work the belly indirectly.

What do I mean by working the stomach indirectly? With each exercise, you have the main muscles and you have supporting muscles. for instance, when you do push-ups, you’re mostly working your pecs, but your shoulder muscles and triceps serve as supporting muscles and also get pumped. The stomach serves as a supporting muscle for many exercises. Doing these exercises means that you’re flattening your belly at the same time that you’re working other body parts. And it’s often more effective than doing traditional stomach workouts.

Here are 3 exercises for a flat belly which I urge you to begin doing today:

1. Pull ups – the pull up is a massive exercise. It mostly works the back muscles, but if you ask a friend to place his or her hand on your abs while you’re doing it, they’ll report that it’s hard as steel. That’s because the abs are straining like crazy. Even doing 5 pull ups is more of a flat belly exercise than 50 sit ups. And yes, even women can do this exercise.

2. Push ups – When you’re doing push ups you need to make sure that your stomach is tucked in. In that way, your abs are working hard all through the push ups. Regardless of the type of push up that you do: horizontal, elevated, or counter elevated, the stomach is still working. Push ups work your entire upper body and they’re a great exercise to flatten your belly.

3. Pull down – this is performed by pulling down the pulley cable and is really a softer version of the pull up (yes I know it sounds weird but they do similar things). When you pull the cable down from above your head down to your waist, you upper body goes through a complete extension which means that your belly muscles are straining. Again, the belly serves a supporting role, but it doesn’t mean that it’s not straining.

Do these 3 flat belly exercises and you will see results throughout your upper body, not just your abs.

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