Tone Your Stomach and Lose Weight

Here’s how to tone your stomach and lose some weight in the process. Hopefully you’re done losing your money with hyped-up diet pills. Hopefully you over trying those extreme diets. If so, I have a few simple, but very EFFECTIVE tips that’ll help you melt off your belly fat. This article takes only 2 minutes to read, but it may be 2 very important minutes for you and your body.

Tone your Stomach, Lose Weight

1. Focus your efforts on doing bodyweight squats quickly

You don’t need to waste time and money going to the gym. Bodyweight squats will help you to lose weight, flatten your belly, and tone your thighs. Here’s what I’d like for you to do to get the most benefits from doing these.

You have to do them extremely fast. Up, down, up, down… like you’re a machine. Don’t treat these like a weightlifting exercise… like how you’d squat if you were using weight. Go watch some tv. On the first commercial break, do 1 set of 30 bodyweight squats as fast as you can. Stop. Watch some more tv and repeat this 3 more times when the next 3 commercial breaks come on.

Do this daily to melt off tummy fat.

2. I’m big on convenience… so if you have stairs in your home or building, use them

You can use stairs in 2 ways. First off, you’ll walk up and down them. The first way you can do this is during commercial breaks… like with the squats. This works best when the stairs are in your home. So for 3 minutes you walk up and down them. The second way is to devote 15-20 minutes for walking up and down the stairs non-stop. This is even better, but sometimes less practical.

Look, if you want to tone your stomach and lose weight, these 2 exercises make it happen… and make it happen really fast.

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