Lose Belly Fat in 1 Week

Losing stomach fat and keeping it off is largely dependent on stable blood-sugar levels. More specifically, the best way to lose belly fat in one week is by preventing low blood sugar and creating a state of good blood sugar.

The lower the blood sugar, the more you crave for sweets – anything to fill the need. And the more sweets you eat, the more you stay in bad blood sugar.

Losing abdominal fat and keeping it off has nothing to do with willpower.

It has nothing to do with deprivation.

It has nothing to do with low-fat cookies, cheeses, meat, sauce…

In a nutshell, losing belly fat in 2 weeks is based on controlling the physiological urges that cause you to go off diets, cheat on diets, and not stay within the goal weights you have set up – in this case losing stomach fat in 1 week.

Most of us live in low blood sugar.

Its true, a glucouse tolerance test might not show that you’re hypoglycemic, but you might as well be.

The way you eat, the types of food you eat, and the times you eat – all these factors make for highs and lows the whole day through. Workouts to lose stubborn belly fat alone are not enough. Sit ups to lose belly fat do not work. Indeed, if you were to test your blood throughout a twenty four hour period, you’d find those highs and lows that produce hypoglycemic symptoms.

Take away the low blood sugar levels in your body and you will lose the physiological carvings for starches, sweets, alcohol caffeine and fats. You will have more energy than you have ever had in your life. you will be more focused and experience a greater sense of well-being than you’ve ever thought possible.

In actuality 75 percent of the reason why you cannot lose belly fat and get six pack abs is physiological. It’s the low blood sugar that keeps those carvings coming.

The other 25 percent is what i call the fathead: the behaviors feelings and psychological underpinnings that, combined with low blood sugar, keep you fat.

There’s nothing like the feeling of well being, the energy and the vitality that comes from living in good blood sugar, not to mention the delight as your weight drops off!

Imagine. No more carvings. No more mood swings. No more crunches. No more need for naps in the middle of the day.

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