How to Lose Weight From My Stomach and Thighs?

There are several foods that Asian women eat when they want to specifically lose weight from their stomach and thighs. You can find these foods at most local health food stores, or any Asian markets you may have nearby. They each supercharge your metabolism and work wonders in getting you the body you want most:

1. Kanten –This gelatin is amazing in its ability to keep people from overeating throughout the entire day. It has a natural appetite lowering effect in the body, and it’s extremely filling. It’s taste is rather bland, which is a good thing because you won’t hate it and it won’t smell up the house haha!

For my clients I tend to recommend Kanten be eaten right before the bigger meals of the day (typically lunch and dinner) because it will keep you from over eating junk calories.

2. Shirataki –Think that all noodles are carbohydrates that need to be avoided to lose stomach fat? Guess again, because Shiritaki noodles are made up entire of healthy fiber and are low carb!

These noodles can be used for many health benefits as well as weight loss, including reducing some types of cancer, as well as of course lowering the risk of heart disease. Eat them as a main meal along with chicken, lean meat, or tofu, and your waist will reduce in size quickly.

3. Brown Rice –This is an easy one, as brown rice is MUCH more preferable over its dangerous and insulin-raising cousin white rice. Since brown rice is more fibrous, it doesn’t impact our sugar levels as white rice does, which means that even if you were to eat 300 calories of both white and brown rice, the white rice would actually cause you to not lose weight while the brown rice does.

The reason brown rice works is because of how much harder it is for the body to process. Anything that makes the body work a little harder is a good thing for diet reasons, because the body burns more calories to accomplish the digesting process.

Try to replace as much of your normal diet as you can with these three ingredients, you’ll see the benefits quickly.

Another Tip that Works

Everyone I talk with these days is sick of the latest diet programs, where you’re either STARVING or trying to live through BRUTAL workouts to drop weight.

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