Best Ab Exercises – Which is the Best Ab Exercise to Flatten Your Stomach?

Contrary to common belief, traditional ab crunch is not one of the best ab exercises for toning your abdominal muscles. In fact this exercise ranked 11 out of 13 best ab exercises for effectiveness. You need to combine this traditional method of flattening your stomach with many other health programs to get some visible results.

There are many methods of achieving flat washboard abs but every method is not suitable for everyone. It depends a lot on your body type and diet. In order to get ripped abs; you must follow a good natural diet plan and a holistic exercise program. Your abdomen is one of the most important parts of your body therefore you must not think of getting ripped abs while ignoring your overall health.

Cycling is a good exercise for getting flat abs but you can increase the effectiveness of this exercise by performing this exercise even without a bicycle. Just lie flat on a mat or towel. Place your hand besides your head. Begin a pedal motion by touching your knees alternatively while touching the opposite elbows to opposite knee. Just repeat this motion 15-20 times to start with. You can increase the repetitions as per your stamina. This is one of the best ab exercises but it may not help you tone your whole torso.

Another method of getting ripped abs is to use Ab Circle Pro; a unique machine designed to help you flatten your stomach the natural way. This machine helps you move your abdominal muscles in semi circular motion without taxing other muscles of your body. Moreover you need not spend more than a few minutes a day to get flat washboard abs. Many Hollywood celebrities and fitness trainers recommend ab circle pro as one of the best ab exercises.

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