Abdominal Exercises – Way To Get Washboard Abs For Women

Women love it when they have a flat belly and attractive abs that they can flaunt; stunning abs is known to ooze confidence and poise. After all, who wants flab to bulge out? The heaps of calories that you consume often become visible in the form of stored fats in your abdomens. Moreover, there can be excess fat in your abs as a result of medical issues and pregnancy. So, it is time to get rid of those stored fatty deposits by opting for some of the best abdominal exercises.

There are some abdominal exercises which are known to work wonders to the figures of women; here are a few top ones for you:

• Go for side sit-ups. Bend your left arm and lie down on your side. Form a forty-five degree angle. Keep your right arm extended entirely on the ground. Your body should be bent and moved in the direction of your shoulders; you must keep breathing properly. Stay in that position for five seconds. Relax and return back to your initial position. Repeat it ten to fifteen times.

• Alternate sit-ups are also very helpful abdominal exercises. Draw out your arms and legs. Recline on the floor. Gradually, try to reach your right foot by using your left arm. Hold the position for five seconds. Now, do this with the other side; do this alternately for fifteen times.

• Full-body sit-ups are indispensable if you want wonderful abs. bend your body so that you reach your toes with the help of the support of your lower back. Repeat this fifteen times.

Crunches form effective abdominal exercises; ensure that you include the following simple but best ones in your regime:

• Reverse crunch is a well-known and simple among abdominal exercises. Lie down on the floor; keep your knees bent and let your feet touch the floor. Slowly, bring the knees towards your chest to form a ninety-degree angle; your abdominal muscles would contract. Now, lift your hips to some extent from the floor. Low down your legs slowly. Repeat.

• With fitness ball crunches, you can target the muscles in your abs. The ball should be rolled backwards a little; then you need to crunch down. Perform the reverse while doing the opposite part of this workout.

The P90x program has an array of options available for you. There are workouts that are specifically planned for women; the schedules are well-planned with the right kind of exercises and a proper diet plan to help you attain the washboard abs that you hallucinate to flaunt. Rigorous exercises form a part of the P90x workout program; there is a combination of yoga, strength training, aerobics, stretching and plyometrics. Along with these and the various abdominal exercises, a diet chart is to be maintained so that your abs is toned up just in the way you want. Check out the various P90X reviews available to get a positive light on the program.

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