3 Top Ab Exercises – The Best Stomach Exercises That Are Not Ab Movements

Your core routine does not have to include ab specific exercises. There are many exercises that will strengthen your abs without doing a single crunch or sit-up. In fact the exercises I am about to mention are far superior to conventional ad exercises such as sit-ups.

Flattening your stomach and burning stubborn belly fat to reveal six pack abs takes more than sit ups and crunches or other conventional ab exercises. What you really need to do to strengthen your core and get a flat stomach is to follow a high intensity workout program that boosts your metabolism and works your entire body including your abs, all at the same time.

This core workout is great for shedding belly fat, strengthening your midsection and getting that Hollywood star or fitness model look. Even though there are no direct ab movements in this core routine you are going to get one of the best ab workouts of your lifting life.

This workout involves three exercises. Do each exercise in order without taking a rest between exercises making it a tri-set. Rest about 30 seconds after each exercise before starting the next. Then take roughly 2 minutes between each tri-set.

  1. Front Squats
  2. Dumbbell Renegade Row
  3. Mountain Climbers

Depending on your fitness level start with 4 sets performing each exercise for 8 reps. You do have some flexibility with your sets and reps. If you want to increase the weight, you could do five sets of five. If you want to decrease the load you could do 3 sets of 12. With the mountain climbers you’ll get the most out of it if you go with the time instead of reps. A good interval to used use would be 30 seconds. This too can be manipulated to suit your needs.

Exercise Descriptions

Front Squats

The front squat is very similar to the conventional back squat. The main difference being the placement of the bar. With a front squat you’re going to have the bar resting on your shoulders as opposed to your back like in a conventional squat. The bar stays on your shoulders or in the rack position by keeping an upright torso and driving your elbows to the ceiling, which are out in front of your body.

Unlike a conventional squat front squats require an extraordinary amount of stabilization from the abs because of the position of the bar and a change in your center of gravity. There is no question that this is a leg exercise but without a strong core and abs this exercise isn’t possible with a heavy load.

Dumbbell Renegade Row

The renegade row is an extremely challenging move. Grab 2 dumbbells one for each hand. Holding the dumbbells position yourself in a push-up position. Alternate a rowing motion with each arm as the other arm stabilizes your body along with your core.

The stabilization needed for this exercise is incredible. Each row generates torque that your ads have to counterbalance. Even though there’s no movement in the midsection, you’ll be sure to feel your abs the next day.

Mountain Climbers

With the mountain climbers you are going to start off in a push-up position just like the reggae row. From here alternate the shuffling of your feet. Bring one knee toward your chest leaving the other one fully extend it. From there quickly alternate positions.

If you really want to amp this exercise up to work those abs, and burn that belly fat you can move on to the advanced version. Start the same way but you can also shuffle your hands 8-10 inches forward and backward along with the leg movements.

You will be surprised at the ab workout you get from this routine. And all without a single traditional direct ab exercise.

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