How To Work Out To Lose Your Stomach

There are different ways you can workout to lose your stomach, especially if you have a lot of belly fat. If you don’t have a machine or other equipment available, there’s nothing better than old fashioned exercise. Lie on the floor and using your body, you can get a good workout and in the process learn how to loose weight in stomach.

If you’re just starting out, it’s better to start simple and do some basic exercises that will help tone, firm and eventually flatten your stomach. Even the basic ones provide you with what you need to get to your accomplished result.

One combination that you can do to lose weight and lose the excess belly fat from your abs is cardio and resistance training.

Cardio or cardiovascular exercises, are those that can cause your heart rate to increase. Even though your heart rate increases, you are still able to move around. Cardio exercises are essential for you for different reasons, such as:

o You’ll feel better after doing them

o It helps to strengthen your heart

o Your lungs are clearer

o Stress reliever

o Get to sleep easier

o A great weight loss method and calorie burner

One of the best cardio workouts to lose your stomach is walking. Walking is an easy exercise. You can start off by walking at least 10 – 15, about three days a week. As you get accustomed to it, you will need to increase the amount of time that you walk.

You will also need to increase your walking speed. Walking can also help ward off some diseases, such as heart disease and diabetes.

Another way to workout to lose excess on your stomach is to lift weights. Weight training is very important, especially if you’re looking for flat abs. It’s not necessary at first to go all out when you’re starting a strength training program. However, it’s key that you do something in regard to weight training.

Some of the benefits of lifting weights are:

o Prevents injuries

o Strengthen your bones and muscles

o Tones and firms your body

o Strengthens abs

o Increases your metabolism

Here are some tips for weight training workouts:

o As with any exercise, it’s important to do warm ups first. This helps to prevent injuries, such as strains. Also, warm ups help you not be stiff afterwards.

o Start off slow if you’re new to lifting weights. You don’t want to do too much at one time and injury yourself

o Make sure that you are breathing while doing this. It’s important to inhale and exhale as you exercise and lift weights.

o Make sure that your posture is straight as you’re standing. Make sure to include your abs as you’re lifting weights.

Another important thing that you need in addition to working out to lose your stomach is healthy eating. Exercise alone won’t help you. You must have the proper vitamins, nutrients and fiber in order to have energy. You need energy in order to be able to exercise on a regular basis.

With these three things in mind, you can work your way to losing that belly fat and have a better body!

How to Lose Inches From Your Stomach

Contrary to popular belief, there are very few great ways to lose inches only from your stomach area. It would be great if you could do a few hundred crunches and have a killer six-pack, but that’s not how it works. In reality, in order to lose inches from your stomach, you have to work your entire body.

Your body is like a machine, except it uses food as its energy source instead of gasoline. Whenever you eat food, picture the calories entering your body, and focus on burning those calories in order to melt those pesky inches from your waistline. Just like a machine, the more finely tuned it is, the better it becomes at burning those calories. If you exercise on a regular basis, you create more muscle, which in turn, helps you to burn more calories, even if you’re doing nothing besides sitting in an office chair or curled up in your bed.

In order to create the appearance of losing inches from your stomach, you can target that area using resistance training. This will help in two ways.

1) You will burn calories, thus losing inches of body fat throughout your entire body, including your stomach.

2) You will build bigger stronger stomach muscles, which can be more easily seen through the layer of fat that covers them.

On top of regular exercise, the biggest secret to losing inches from your stomach is your diet. Portion size is extremely important when trying to lose inches from your stomach, or anywhere else for that matter. Most people eat too much at each meal, more because they enjoy the food, than because they actually need it. You should eat 5-6 small meals per day, instead of gorging yourself on fewer large meals.

Finally, make sure you eat healthy foods. Replace those chips and chocolate bars with nutritious fruits and nuts, and blast those inches from your stomach! Avoid saturated fats, white sugar and white flour. Instead, replace them with fish, chicken, honey, whole wheat and multi grains.

By supplementing bad food choices with good, incorporating a regular exercise regiment and eating smaller, more regular portion sizes, you’re sure to melt those inches from your stomach and feel better about yourself in the process. All it takes is determination and know how, and you’re well on your way to a trimmer, healthier you.

How to Lose Stomach Fat – Can Stomach Fat Be Reduced by Doing Sit-ups?

Dieting cannot be properly done without exercise. In order to lose weight, you must exercise in the correct manner. This makes our muscles in our stomach tighter. Sit-ups are an example of exercises that can aid in making the muscles in the stomach tighter.

How is it that this might help in losing weight you might ask? Studies have shown that exercising regularly will strengthen and tighten stomach muscles. These muscles are vital in protecting your internal organs as well as helping us breathe correctly. Good strong muscles also aid in keeping your posture and helping prevent back pain.

Stomach muscles have to be exercised; dieting alone cannot help these muscles. Because the stomach muscles are mainly covered by fat, reducing ones calorie consumption by itself will not help you lose weight. These muscles must be exercised to help burn off the excessive fat stored in your stomach area.

It is suggested that one exercise at least three to five different stomach exercises, three to five times a week, for an effect that is noticeable. Comfort should be the first thing on your mind. Exercises that are comfortable at first will help you build up the ability to increase your repetitions. Exercises should be chosen according to your lifestyle.

San Diego State biomechanics lab director Peter Francis, say that they looked at 13 different exercises for the abdominal area. He says they measured the electrical impulses of muscles in each of the exercise workouts. It was found that three of the exercises caused the muscles to work harder than the rest of the exercises.

The lab determined that the bicycle crunch exercise, reverse curl, and captain’s chair were the exercises that caused the muscles to work harder. All three of these are sit-up type exercises.

A bicycle crunch is where someone lies down, with their lower back against the floor. Then place their arms behind their head. Place their legs at a 45 degree angle, and bring the right knee to their chest while sticking their left leg straight out. They then turn their upper body to the point where their left elbow is touching the right knee, then changes the direction of the turning motion with the right elbow touching the left knee.

A reverse curl is where someone lies flat, raises one of their legs up in the air, bending their knees in a 90 degree angle. Then they lift their hips off of the ground, while keeping their legs in the same position, then returning to the original position.

A captain’s chair is an exercise done by using a chair with no seat bottom. They press their back against the back of the chair, and then put their elbows on the arm rests, gripping the handles tightly. They then take their feet off the foot rests, and let their legs dangle while holding themselves up. They then pull their knees up to their chest and then return them to the original position.

Before attempting any of these exercises, a personal trainer or doctor should be consulted. They will evaluate you and be able to tell you the best type of exercise that is right for you. You must work hard for tighter abs. Results can be seen faster if proper dieting is done by eating the right foods, and exercising every day.

How To Lose Belly Fat – and Sit-Ups Are Not The Answer

Are you trying to lose that annoying Belly Fat? I’m sure you have heard that sit-ups and crunches are the way to do it, because those exercises make use of the abdominal muscles. However while it is absolutely true that sit-ups will strengthen the abdominal muscles and make you stronger in that area, and you may look thinner because your improved muscles hold in the fat better, this does not actually reduce belly fat in itself.

For a complete and long lasting solution to how to lose belly fat, we need to look at how the body works and how it is able to actually lose weight. The simple fact is that if you are going to lose weight – from any part of your body – you need regular exercise. The fact that the most obvious and visible area of excess fat in your body is your belly does not alter this fact. When you do not exercise enough, or over-eat for a protracted period, one of the areas which naturally shows this excess more than others is the belly. Similarly if you start to exercise and lose weight, it will disappear quickest from the same belly area. So no special “belly exercises” are actually necessary – just healthy exercise!

In addition to exercise, diet plays a critical role in losing or gaining weight. You can exercise but still find you are gaining weight if you are eating very badly or in large quantities. So both exercise and diet are required to get the full effect. You need to adjust your diet so that you are burning more calories than you consume, at this point you start to “burn” the calories stored as fat in your body. Obviously changing your diet to reduce the amount of calories being consumed helps, as does reducing the actual quantities of food you eat if you have been eating excessive amounts.

The key to losing belly fat is actually quite simple, and there really is no secret or special program – exercise, and eat less (and eat well). So the two key action points are firstly to reduce the calories you eat, with smaller amounts of food or lower calorie foods. Secondly every day perform some physical exercise. Do this and you WILL lose that belly fat!

The Tricks On How To Lose The Fat On Lower Stomach

How to lose the fat on lower stomach is a challenging question which exerciser’s and dieter’s have been frustrated with for years. It can be frustrating losing a lot of weight, but then not being able to “dial it in” and nail that last portion of fat. Here i’ll list three tricks to answer the question how to lose the fat on lower stomach.

These are added techniques to use for when one has already dieted down and exercised and need a few tricks to the trade to add to the mix in a quest to finally answer how to lose the fat on lower stomach. These also can be used by dieters who want to tackle the question how to lose the fat on lower stomach head on and from the get-go. That is, not put themselves in a position where they’ve accomplished so much yet then realize at the end that they’ve lacked progress in the how to lose the fat on the lower stomach game. Time for the tricks!

1. The A.M. empty stomach trick. One trick of the trade to really dial things in and burn off that last fat roll on the lower stomach is to start doing your exercising in the a.m., morning hours, and specifically, the first thing upon waking. Yes, thats correct, as soon as you wake up in the morning begin your exercise regimen. Before even having breakfast or eating anything, do a cardio routine. How to lose the fat on lower stomach? First thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, perform a 20-40 minute cardio workout, treadmill, bike, walking around the block, whatever. The theory here is that your body is primed into fat burning mode the first thing in the morning, having not consumed anything overnight, and not eating anything in the morning, whatever calories you burn from your cardio, they will be fat calories.

2. The P.M. feeding cut off trick. Want to know how to lose the fat on lower stomach? Well, the second trick is to stop your eating at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. The theory here is that fat gets stored more easily by late night feedings, and eliminating them will contribute to fat burning and not contribute to additional fat storage. There has been controversy over this, people claiming that it doesn’t matter one way or the other. But the proof is in the pudding and many a dieter has successfully answered the question how to lose the fat on lower stomach by implementing this method.

3. Finally, do in fact do specific abdominal training exercises that target the lower stomach area. This not only shapes that area of the stomach, but also the feeling of your lower abdominal area being “worked”, the muscles strong and tight, mentally this brings more focus onto your lower stomach region and in fact does cause a more rapid weight loss answer on how to lose the fat on lower stomach. The mental game in fitness and weight loss is extremely underrated, yet it has successfully answered many tough questions, and is another trick here in answering how to lose the fat on lower stomach! Researching abdominal exercise routines is actually more important now than ever because your really trying to dial in that last stubborn fat area in your lower abdominals.

An Easy Way To Lose Belly Fat

As we all know losing weight is difficult for anyone – and yes that does include gurus and body builders; but the secret they do not tell you is what exercises they perform during their diet they follow to achieve their results. Whether you’re just starting out in your diet or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, without having an exercise plan to follow, your weight loss journey will be a hard and painful road.

The advantage of incorporating an exercise plan into your diet will not only work your major muscle groups but it will help you get that ripped, lean flat stomach which you’ve been looking for.

In order to help you achieve your goal, I’ve come up with a few diet tips and examples of various exercises which are proven to help you lose weight fast!


As part of any workout plan, keeping an eye on your calorie intake is important because over eating will make it harder for you to lose that excess fat. Here are a few tips which can alter your diet:

  • Eat more fruit and vegetables – instead of reaching for a chocolate bar after dinner or as snack, grab an orange, an apple or a carrot. Eating these foods will not only keep you fuller for longer but maintain a good blood sugar level which is key in weight loss.

  • Up your Omega-3 intake – eat more fish and nuts if you’re like me and do not find fruit appealing (I’m a carnivore)

  • Try and stay away from refined foods such as pasta and white bread – this is a difficult one (even for me). As a substitute try and switch to wholemeal pasta and bread but do not over indulge.

  • Eat more whole grains – another great snack!

  • DRINK WATER – need I say more?


As I said before, daily exercise is a MUST in order to lose belly fat.

Cardio Exercises are excellent ways for you increase your heart rate which leads to you sweating and burning off calories. Cardio exercises which are help you burn calories are:

  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming – probably the best cardio exercise because you work every major muscle group in any stroke you perform
  • Step Aerobics – a fun exercise when performed to music. Performing step aerobics will increase your endurance and work your thighs.

Please Remember to stretch before performing any exercises to avoid injury; and start off at a light pace and gradually increase your endurance over time.

Tummy Toning Exercises will help you lose belly fat and develop your abs eventually giving it that lean sexy look. Exercises which will help you lose the belly fat are:

  • Elevated Sit-ups – the problem with normal sit ups is that they do not work the lower part of your stomach which is the one area which people find hard to move. Performing elevated sit-ups will work this part of your stomach because your thighs will be pressing against the bulge therefore making it leaner.

  • Crunches – this exercise works your abs to the fullest and are proven to get you that six pack.

  • Pelvis Thrusts – an exercise which works and strengthens your lower back which will help you when it comes to lifting weights.

  • Knee/Leg Raises – performing such an exercise will help you develop muscles in your knees and calves

As I mentioned before, remember to start at a light pace and gradually increase the amount of time you spend on these exercises.

Best Exercise to Lose Stomach Fat

You can do all the stomach exercises you want you will still not lose stomach fat.

It’s the truth. You could workout for years and still not lose stomach fat. People seem to have the misconception that maybe if they do exercises focused on the abdominal area they will probably lose belly fat. However if you wish to lose stomach fat fast you need to exercise your complete body. Unless you do so you will not see any results.

When you exercise all the muscles in your body not only will you lose weight, but, you’ll lose weight extremely fast.

Here are a couple of workout tips you must remember while working out.

1. Don’t overdo the exercise: This is very important to remember. Many people want to see quick results and they tend to overdo the exercise. This will put added stress on the body and only slow down the results you want to see. Don’t workout for more than an hour everyday.

2. Stay focused: Before the exercise its a good idea to prepare your mind to work hard. This will help you stay focused. Also listening to music keeps your mind focused and your body pumped.

Working out is only a small part of the weight lose mission. In order to lose weight effectively you must have weight loss plan. Without a good weight loss plan losing weight and seeing desirable results is close to impossible. Not having a good weight loss plan is the reason most people aren’t able to lose weight.
It’s important to be aware of things like what exercises to do, what’s the right way to do them and what kind of diet plan is needed.

The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat Fast

If you’re looking for the best way to lose stomach fat fast, you’re going to want to read this article. It describes the most effective and efficient way to get rid of that ugly belly fat, get a flat stomach, and create the fit, sexy body you want. Ready? Here we go…

The Best Way to Lose Stomach Fat Fast: 4 Proven Steps

1. Focus On Your Goal

Create a clear goal and focus on it at all times. That’s the secret to losing stomach fat — or achieving any major fitness goal — in the fastest way possible. For best results write down your goal on an index card and carry it with you. Read it several times a day. Focus on it constantly. Spend some time each day visualizing how great you’ll look when you’ve gotten rid of your stomach fat.

2. Boost Energy, Lower Stress

Science has shown that stress actually increase abdominal fat. It also zaps your energy, which is something you’ll need to burn fat and lose pounds quickly. You can boost your energy and lower stress at the same time by doing the following:

— Get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
— Drink about 70 ounces of water each day
— Avoid negative messages and stressful people
— Do some exercise each morning
— Avoid alcohol, drugs, and large doses of caffeine and other stimulants

3. Eat a Clean Diet

Diet is 75% of the weight loss solution. The best diet for losing stomach fat fast is one based around lean meats and other lean proteins, fish, eggs, vegetables and raw fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, and healthy fats (e.g. virgin olive oil). Avoid processed foods — especially those belly fat-boosting simple sugars, trans fats, and refined flours — as much as possible. Try to eat 4-6 times a day and focus on small, balanced, protein-rich meals and snacks.

4. Do Interval Exercise

Interval-based exercise is almost definitely the best exercise for losing stomach fat. Short, intense workouts based around intervals burn tons of calories, force your body to use fat for energy, and also stimulate production of powerful natural hormones that burn belly fat while sparing lean muscle tissue. For optimal results do both strength training and HIIT-style cardio exercise several times per week.

Want to learn more about the best way to lose stomach fat and create a fit, lean body fast? Then visit the link below…

How To Lose Belly Fat With A 10 Minute Workout

Are you looking to change the shape of your body or trying to lose belly fat without joining a high priced gym? If so, try this high energized cardiovascular fitness routine that that was developed by Keli Roberts.

With this 10 minute exercise routine you can burn up to 150 calories every single day.

The first two minutes of this fat burning routine is: Jump Rope – Begin by performing two jumps for each turn of the rope. Safety: Use the correct size jump rope and always land softly on the balls of your feet (that is the upper part of the bottom of your foot). Keep thinking I am losing weight.

Minutes two to three: Squat Thrust into a Push Up. The proper technique for this exercise is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your arms strait down next to your sides. Slowly squat down with your head forward and bring your hands to the floor just outside of your feet. Your hands should be pointing forward as well. Then in one movement, push your legs back and out behind you (into a pushup position). Perform one strict pushup and then jump back into your squat position and then stand back up. Keep thinking, the fat is vanishing.

Minutes three to four: Jump Rope with only one jump per turn. Keep thinking, The fat is melting away.

Minutes four to five: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add the Side Plank. After completing your squat thrust and push up, you are going to lift and rotate your left arm off of the ground and over your head. Your left foot will rotate and rest on top of you right foot. And you will rotate your neck so you are looking up at your ceiling. Rotate back to the center and repeat on the other side. When finished, hop back into your squat position, stand up and start again. Keep thinking, no more belly.

Minutes five and six: Jump Rope. Same as minutes three and four. keep thinking, I am losing body fat.

Minutes six and seven: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add the Leg Lift. This is the same as minutes two and three only this time you will lift the toes of one foot about twelve inches off of the ground only after you have performed your push up. Lower your foot and repeat on the other side. Hop back up to your squat position, stand up, and start again. Keep thinking, goodbye belly.

Minutes seven and eight: Jump Rope. Same as minutes three and four. Keep thinking, my belly is getting smaller.

Minutes eight and nine: Back to the Squat Thrust and Push Up only this time you are going to add Mountain Climbers. Repeat everything as in minutes two and three only this time after your push up, you will quickly jog in place from your push up position. Make sure you bring your knees up to your chest on each rotation. Perform 5 jogs and repeat this entire process. Keep thinking, I am going to lose weight.

Minutes nine and ten: Jump Rope. Same as you first two minutes. Keep thinking. If I do this everyday, I will lose belly fat. Good luck to everyone.

How to Lose a Fat Stomach – 4 Foods to Avoid

It all sounds so simple – just eat less calories and exercise more. But you have probably found that losing weight is anything but simple. And there is a reason for this. Losing weight is hard. We start building our eating habits at a very early age, and some experts believe that these habits are set by age five! Think back to what you wanted to eat at five, and you will better understand why we prefer dessert and dread eating our vegetables. But beyond overcoming our poor eating habits, there is a lot of bad information out there that can cripple you as you attempt to lose weight. If you want to learn how to lose a fat stomach, you need to not only eat fewer calories, you need to eat the right things. And more importantly, not eat the wrong things. Below are four foods that you should avoid at all costs if you want to lose a fat stomach.

How to Lose a Fat Stomach Tip #1 – Fast Food is Bad!

Let’s start with an obvious one. If you truly want to lose weight, you need to stay away from fast food. That Big Mac you just finished had 570 calories and 32 grams of fat. The large fries had another 500 calories and 25 grams of fat. And the large (32 oz.) chocolate shake? A cool and creamy 1,160 calories and 27 grams of fat. After that one meal you have eaten over your daily recommended calorie and fat levels. Even a southwest chicken salad with ranch dressing has 600 calories and 24 grams of fat. It does take planning ahead, but it is possible to cut out fast food. I very rarely eat fast food these days and it shows. This is the one thing that made the biggest impact on my own diet.

How to Lose a Fat Stomach Tip #2 – No Fat Free Foods!

This seems strange, that in order to lose fat, I am telling you to stay away from fat free foods. There are several reasons for this. First, when fat is removed from something, sugar is added in its place. More sugar equals more calories, more carbs, and less weight loss. A second reason is that psychologically, when people see that something is fat free, they figure that they can eat as much as they want. I have many friends who gorge themselves on fat free desserts thinking that it won’t impact their diets since it is fat free. Surprisingly, they never seem to lose weight. A final reason, is that when fat is removed, chemicals are often added. I prefer to eat foods the way that God made them, not how science can recreate them. I find myself feeling much healthier when I eat natural as opposed to processed foods. I know that this is unscientific, but I am much more likely to eat healthy if it makes me feel healthy and energized.

How to Lose a Fat Stomach Tip #3 – Drop the Fruit Juice!

Another surprising food that will stop weight loss in its tracks is actually a drink – fruit juices. They seem healthy, especially those that claim to be 100% juice. The trouble with fruit juices is that it takes everything “bad” about a fruit (sugar, calories, and carbs) and strips out everything “good” about a fruit (fiber, feeling full). Juices are so bad for a diet because they are high (apple and orange juice have roughly 120 calories in 8 ounces compared to 100 calories in 8 ounces of Pepsi) in calories. Eat fruit instead and the fiber will not only help you to feel full (where juice will leave you craving further sweets), but will help to regulate healthy blood sugar levels.

How to Lose a Fat Stomach Tip #4 – Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup At All Costs!

This has been in the news recently, but it warrants repeating – stay away from high fructose corn syrup. Not only is it high in calories, research has found that consuming high fructose corn syrup causes your body to grow fat cells and contributes to the early onset of diabetes and heart disease. So not only will heeding this step help you to lose the stomach fat, it could help you to live longer as well!